Cheatwood Gone

I like Jeff Robertshaw too and hes from canada but getting rid of chead wood and cotton will let us build an all new looking defence!Remember we cant do worse then last year right?

Some of the guys who were cut may be back when they realize that their salary demands couldn't be met under the new SMS. Pinball said as much when commenting on the recent Argo cuts. It's the new reality for CFL veterans.

An Argo fan

Holy, dont buy a jersey with a players name on it. :roll: I still have Hack on mine.

this is not good!! our defence was pretty good last yr considering they were on the field most of the time and yet we still continue to cut from the defence!! our offence was brutal last yr, have we made any cuts there yet? we will miss cheatwood dearly. i hope he gets on with another team so he can come back to bite us in the butt!(like all of our ex-players seem to do lol)

Cody is next on the list I bet! But go ahead and sign them "good ole Canadian boys" from Mac...they'll save ya.

We were the worst team in the league last year, Most of these guy were on the team for many years and we havent gotten any better so I say cut them all if it means we win a grey cup…people get to attatched to players on this team.

And so within the span of about a week, both Buckeye bookends, James Cotton and Tim Cheatwood, have been released. Although I don't think it can be said we weren't warned that cuts like these would be made, this has come as something of a surprise to me. With the relase of Cotton, he may not have fully recovered from his injuries, and we had Collier to take his place. And although Cheatwood may not have fully recovered from injuries, who takes his place?

When one of the longest-serving members of the team goes, we may look back on the player's past, and who'll replace that player in the future. I'll do both of those things by bringing up a memorable quote from Cheatwood when he came here in 2002. It was the year when Joe Montford left us to join the blue team for a year. We did not know if how well Cheatwood would do in taking his place, but when he was asked about filling Montford's shoes, he said he brought his own shoes. We did not know if we could find a replacement for Montford, but it was done. And replacing a player like Montford or Cheatwood may not necessarily be easy, but it can be done. It has been done before.

As it has already been said before, we might already have a player who can take his place. I understand Josue was origially supposed to be a DE, and perhaps he can be moved back there with Dixon, Barrenechea, and perhaps Moreno at MLB. And I have heard some good things about Jermaine Reid as well. And if a replacement could already be there, then may be another reason Cheatwood was released: We already have a player who can do as well, and perhaps for less money.

I haven't commented on here as much lately, mostly because there hasn't been a lot to comment on. But I'd say this was a significant event, and I look forward to seeing where we go from here. We are seeing how the team is saving money, and I look forward to seeing how the money we save will be spent.

Well, as is often said when we lose a player, good luck to both Cheatwood and Cotton in the future, except when playing the Ticats. I understand that both these players could find themselves playing in a different league, so we might possibly not have to worry about them coming back to haunt us. And does this mean a few people will be getting new avatars?

And so within the span of about a week, both Buckeye bookends, James Cotton and Tim Cheatwood, have been released. Although I don't think it can be said we weren't warned that cuts like these would be made, this has come as something of a surprise to me.
I disagree with that. I thought Marcel make it quite clear that there was going to be many new faces in Hamilton for the 07 season. He didnt like the attitude of the locker room and to not be surprised who will get cut.

Either many posters are not aware of this Spectator quote.
I posted earlier in this thread. [or Marcel's comments on CH Sports]

or they haven't understood it's intent.

"We indicated to Tim that we would welcome his return to the Ticats
under the right circumstances when he is completely healthy
and ready to compete for a roster spot,? Desjardins added.


It's a Salary Management Issue.

If it works we get him back, cheaper
with is knee more fully recovered.

If it doesn't we lose him.

I hope so.

People, we won 18 games in the last 3 years.... I'm surprised anyone from the last few years will be back.

I like the fact that this GM is acting. Medocrity is unacceptable. If you don't play 100% every game (and I don't care that they were allstars 100 years ago) your outta here!!!!

well i think we will see cheatwood in blue and come back to haunt us. he is very young and very good. penalties he got were unacceptable but there is no denying his talent.

The message from Management here is there's a new Sheriff in town and his name is Marcel. If Cheatwood can be cut anyone can.

Although this move surprises me a little a change of the guard is needed here whether Cheatwood is the one that should be gone is debatable. Did He lead the team or didn't he or was he one of the ones that was dragging it down not on the field but off of it. I was surprised that they brought him back after the last game of the year in 2005 when he totally lost it, I thought he may be done as a Cat then.

We all wanted this team gutted during the season and it's now happening. Marcel has taken his time and evaluated the performances of the players on and off the field and he is now acting.

Should make for an interesting training camp.

No tean can afford to worry that cuts will return to haunt them. If that were the case, rosters would never change, except for injuries and retirements.

Why worry that somebody who can't make our team will be a star for somebody else?

Be more concerned that another team's scouting staff will find newcomers who will set the league on fire.
It's good scouting, ours included, that will determine who haunts whom.

No team will sign Cheatwood if he isnt a 100 percent healthy .You cant take the chance with the salary cap above your head .

Teams in the NFL regualry release players who were stars in previous seasons . Teams can go from the bottom to the top with the signing of a few kep free agents . Im all for Dejardins releasing some of our veterans .Time for a new look and a new attitude for 2007 !!!!

Lets see what Smith can come up with through all his travels to NFL camps .

I think Tim Cheatwood will be back..
He just needs to heal..

I agree we can't Risk having him back unhealthy.

I think we owe it to Ticat management to keep the faith. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that fans simply are not exposed to, and probably for good reasons.

I will only complain if our new defensive ends turn out to be a bust.

but aren't u supposed to KEEP the good players and CUT the BAD ones?...

seems marcel is cutting the good and keeping the bad...cough BOREHAM cough

Give it time - you don't always get to build your roster in order of importance.

Also, all kinds of things happen in a capped league that don't make much sense to fans. You can't afford to spend too much money on past stats, sentimental favourites, the often-injured, etc.

then why is dave dickenson still making $400k?...LOL