Cheatwood Gone

As reported by Ted Michaels on CHML.

The gutting continues.

He’s already been deleted off the team roster on this website.


Bye. Thanks for the great positive attitude, and smart penalties :wink:


Press release

It's sad to see him go out like this. I wish him all the best and hope he bounces back from the injury and catches on somewhere else.

Best of luck Tim.

Let me get this right. Offense does absolutely nothing last year, so we start by cutting the D-line. I guess the message that the team is sending is, play poorly and you have a job, give 110% you get cut.

This team continues to be the joke of the league.

I hope to see Tim and James catch on another team and come back to the Hamilton only to show how much this team is a laughing stock.


ok wtf is going on????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Cotton.. Gone.
Cheatwood Gone.
Peterson in his Option.

our d-line is going to be brutal???

who do we have at D.E. now.I dont get it

I'm not gonna criticize the team, cause the people in charge are a lot smarter than me. But, I'd love to hear an explanation.

dunbrack.. hahaha yay one man d-line nex season we r not going to get any other quality d-linmen with cfl experience, knowing marcel we will get fat slow import american linemen. we r doomed brothaaa!! i dont understand either our offence was horrible so they cut our defence who i thought played awsome considering the amount of time they spent on the feild tired n overworked. marcel so far im not to impressed :slight_smile: i can understand cuz of cheatwoods injury but im sure it cant be all that bad to keep him around even for a couple weeks during the season then let him go to see if he heils in time, now he might pick up somwhere else. sucks for him though he lives right by me.

Marcel makes Tim Cheatwood's situation appear to be concluded.

“We would like to thank Tim for his hard work and dedication
to the team over the past five seasons,?

said general manager Marcel Desjardins.

Then, he gives his apparent reasons for cutting Tim.

“Unfortunately with salary management system being established
coupled with Tim’s ongoing recovery from a significant injury,
we couldn’t risk bringing him to training camp in his condition.?
[ 4 months from now, 8 months after his injury!!]

  1. his expensive contract.

  2. doubts Tim will be sufficiently recovered
    from his knee injury by the opening of T.C.

  3. the risk of paying him for the year
    if he gets hurt at Training Camp.*

  • Marcel said this on a CH Sports interview

Marcel gives the appearance to other teams
that Tim is likely to be 'damaged goods.'

I believe the real reason for cutting Tim
is to soften up his salary expectations.

Marcel is ready to risk losing Tim but
if his injury isn't ready for Training Camp
this works in favour of Marcel signing him.

“We indicated to Tim that we would welcome his return to the Ticats
under the right circumstances when he is completely healthy
and ready to compete for a roster spot,? Desjardins added.

This will likely make Tim angry.
His agent will seek other offers.

He will, in effect, be in the same position
as many free agents with high priced contracts.

These guys will have to seek other offers.

If they don't get what they want
the guys that their teams want back

will accept reduced salaries
from their original teams.

Hopefully, Tim will be one of them
even if he has to miss a few games.

He is to hurt to play.He is too exspensive for the new CFL.I Just hope they find some good replacements for him and cotton!

This can’t just be a money thing. I’m guessing that Desjardins has confirmation that Cheatwood’s knee is just not healthy and won’t be any time soon. Why else cut one of the top three DE’s in the league? (and a guy who is very popular with knowledgable Hamilton fans like me).

I thought Cheatwood was untouchable. Maybe Radelein (who has had knee problems and who hasn’t contributed diddly-squat on offence lately) will be next?

To fill Cheatwood’s spot, you have to think the Cats will take a run at free agent Rahim Abdullah now. Either that, or they have a plan B involving an unsigned rook or NFL Europe player? Or are they planning on taking the best available DE in the draft with #1? Anybody know who that would be?

As long as this team wins I don't care who's on the roster.

As far as replacing Cheat and Cotton; I'm not worried, there are hundreds of DE's in the states looking for a shot, sign a bunch to come to camp and see what you can find. you also never know what Craig Smith might be looking at right now either.

Our D-Line and Linebackers were pretty awful...and this move should be expected. To compete with the salary cap in place you cant take chances on guys that might not last the season. Expect lost of changes remember we were not a good team last year.

Desjardins might be hoping that last year's 2nd round draft pick - Jermaine Reid (Akron)- will show to compete for a spot. As far as this year's draft - a few DEs might be on the list - from US college ball - Cory Mace (Wyoming) - has played both DT & DE i believe; James Judges (Buffalo); plus maybe Jeff Robertshaw from Mac or maybe a couple of other young CIS DEs. Is Collier still going to be around - at least he has some experience and has flashed some talent; could go after Stamps' FA Rahim Abdullah; what ever happend to Troy Cunningham? - thought he had a lot of potential as a CFL DE. Plus, is Steve Joshue still gonna be around? Lots of possiblities for good competition at TC.

Anyways, sad to lose 2 former very good CFL DEs in Cotton & Cheatwood, but sometimes football players' careers can be quite short - injuries can be tough to get back to form from and teams move in different directions when new staffs take over + now a supposed cap to deal with. Good luck to both those guys - like to see them bounce back somewhere in the CFL.

Well for starters, Anthony Collier was by far the best Defensive End we had on the team last year. In addition we've signed a whack of Linebackers with NFL experience. It's quite conceivable that one of these guys will make the switch to DE (Remember that Cheatwood was a LB during his brief tryout in the NFL). People need to relax. We had the worst team in the league last year. Changes are inevitable. Throw in the new salary cap dynamic, and you're going to see more veteran players released as the market adjusts to the value teams will be prepared/able to pay.

I don't know why they waited this long to cut Cheatwood. Took too many pentalties never was as good since he came back from the NFL. They still have Collier who is young and getting better. Patrick Wayne and Dunbrack at one tackle spot. The import they brought in late last year Horsley ? was better then Peterson. Eric England at 36 is better as well as Abdullah from Calgary, they're both out there as FA's. The bottom line Cotton and Cheatwood didn't get it done.