Cheatwood coming to Montreal

So, what do you think? If his ACL heals up properly, this will be a great addition to the Al's D. :thup:

finally a move I like this off season. He will do great opposite stewart

If he’s healthy, BOO-YA!

Als first in the east again!

i hope the als open the season against the ticats, and cheatwood sacks maas into a season ending injury..hahahahahahaa

Hey 1st timer here!!

Great pickup Cheatwood is great! Now maybe we can go after Thelwell or bring back Vaughn?? I dont think Girard can still play and with Watkins Cahoon we can use another all star receiver!

Welcome aboard Mike! Vaughn said he would really like to come back to Montreal but at the same time, does not feel like he should take a significant pay cut. Hopefully, the Als can fit him under the cap.

Cheatwood is a welcome addition; we had a bit of a revolving door at that end spot, what with Acholonu, Bowman, Truluck............

As for Vaughn, with the salary cap, that might not be do-able; we'll see. Given the choice I think I'd rather have Thelwell, for ratio reasons, but it seems from the rumours that he's more likely to end up in Hamilton or Toronto.

I also agree, I like this pickup.

Cheatwood is a productive player, who plays with entensity and shows character. This is they type of player Montreal needed, a player with character. Show some emotion on the field. He is a player who makes big plays happen, and with his emotion he shows, he can spark the team.

As for Vaughn, he can still play ball. But with that kind of salary, and he’s not the player he once was, I wouldn’t go for him just yet. I’d try my best to get Thelwell, and if that’s a no go, I’d get Vaughn.

Most importantly, it gives us a threat at the other end spot, where R-Kal Truluck is usually injures himself every other play.