Cheatwood back?

I heard a rumour that Cheatwood was released a couple days ago. Can anyone verify this??

Yup. It IS true:

Good news for the Ticats. And, for those who visit the aforemention link, I recommend giving a look at those cheerleaders twins down the page...

apparently he was released...but is now biding his time hoping to get a call from another NFL. club... :roll:

........must be nice to have NFL calibre money to artificially create labratory-spawned life, bioengineer and genetically modify your cheerleaders......

R&W, what are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in a refrigerator crate heading for Montreal? The game starts in less than 3 hours!

Can't wait...

Cushion seat... check.
Jersey... check.
Ticket... check.
Personnal cheerleader... damn... she ran away again...

up-date .......Cheatwood will apparently dress for the Lions game......this has got to help the much?...hmmmmm

........I couldn't hold my bladder and when the airline guys saw the bottom of the crate was wet they cracked it open...and well, it was embarrassing to say the least, and they confiscated my beer and doritos and made me walk home from the airport in pee-soaked pants, bastards........

I knew Cheatwood would come back. I said it in a post months ago when he left. What does it mean for the Tabbies, probably not much. But it isn't going to hurt us.

Hmmmm a little computer enhancements?

You just started too time take a nap, then drink!...LOL

Look out CFL, the signing of Cheat is the start of something big in Hamilton, maybe not this year but over the course of the next couple of years with Ronnie no longer GM but in a lesser role but a role more suited to his strengths, the TiCats will emerge as a force once again in the CFL!

I remember reading a post in May where the writer was talking about how the Texan's sucked on the DL last season and that Cheatwood was never coming back. Personally, I am not surprised. Not because I think Cheatwood is not capable or is not a good player but because most players who defect from the CFL to the NFL are LONGSHOTS at best and are getting the look see because they have been standouts up here.

As I have said a number of times, the NFL scouts extensively and I am sure that they were well aware of Cheatwood long ago. If he was sought after by the NFL, you never would have seen him up here in the first place.

The same holds true for Casey Printers I'm afraid. I am pretty sure he has been scouted and rated and yet he is up in Canada because he had no options for playing in the NFL. All those posters who are so sure that he is gone to the NFL might want to wait and see what happens before you start talking about how he is the second coming of Warren Moon.

Not trying to burst any bubbles, but hey let's call a spade a spade.


Gotta agree with supertoe. He's hit it bang on the head.

Supertoe...Pretty logical comments. Only rare cases (Warren Moon) does it happen.

Remember Mervyn Fernadez? He was a star up here, but when the Oakland Raiders finally signed him, he was pretty average.

Cheatwood will make a huge difference on our team. The playoffs are probably too much to ask for now, but even if they could manage 6 wins this year, that would be positive considering they're still rebuilding from that 1-17 season.

I don't follow the NFL, myself. As great as I think Cheatwood is, I knew he wouldn't make the team because people whose job it is to follow NFL training camps were saying that he wasn't going to make it. I was worried that he might catch on with another team and end up on someone's developmental roster.

Bad news for Cheatwood, but great news for the Ticats and their fans. We love him up here, and will continue to do so. :smiley:

I think this is awsome. As far as ive heard Jones is starting aginst BC. Plus Cheatwood is dressing. My hopes for our next game against Winnipeg just got better :twisted: Seriously though. THis is great news for us ti-cat fans. I dont think he'll do as good as he did last season mainly because we dont have Montford at the other side anymore. But he is a phenomenol football player and will help us thats for sure.

Things could get interesting in , B.C.

Wait a second....
Remember Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie and way back Sean Salsbury.. They all started in the NFL after stints over here.
Joran Boldan, Eric Wilson, Mike Sellers, Albert Johnson III, Bomber that have gotten Jobs in the NFL over the past 4 years that I recall, Probably more.

Remeber Marc Boerigter (sp)

Printers is young, look how old Doug and Jeff were. The NFL likes age and game expeirence at the QB position. Printers will be in the NFL. Unless he is not good enough to make a team. He could of had a great year last year. Besides when you got receivers like Simon, Thelwell & Clermont, Tee martin would look darn good over there.
Do you think Printers would turn the Ti-cats into a instant winner, I Don't.
Dave and Casey have a stand out supporting cast. If they had a better o-line They would be unstopable. There is no "I" in team... :mrgreen: