Cheating vs Breaking the Rules

How do you fellows distinguish between cheating and breaking the rules (BTR).

Was Tom Brady BTR or cheating when playing with a deflated football?

Are PEDs cheating or BTR?

Did Houston cheat or BTR when they found a better way to steal signs.?

...BTR means you got caught...


PEDs are their own issue in my view; PEDs push athletes towards an arms race where they're tempted to do increasingly more risky and harmful things for short-term gain. There should be no place for PEDs in sports; a single warning and a ban on strike two is the way to go there.

Stealing signs in baseball is a time-honoured tradition; it's actually not against the rules, but use of technology to facilitate is.

Lots of against the rules stuff happens in sports. I kind of love that; it gets smarts and savvy involved in every angle of the game.

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The funny about the Pats deflating the football is this...

  1. When the story broke Aaron Rodgers admitted that he liked his footballs overinflated
  2. Brad Johnson admitted that the Bucs deflated their footballs when they beat the Raiders in SB 37
  3. 90s journeyman QB Tony Banks claimed that several teams deflated footballs in his career. It was viewed as no big deal.
    Yet the media decided that none of this mattered.

Stealing signs was usually the job of the 25th guy on a baseball team's bench.
As far as football goes I usually tell people that they're just jealous because somebody else's coach was smarter then their coach.


Used to love the old Jessie Ventura line in wrestling...

Win if you can
Lose if you must
But always cheat

Oh boo hoo hoo cry a river you cheaters. The NFL had the say well before the rest of us. You got caught and it was not the first time by far the Patriots or others have cheated.

Too bad now for you boo hoo hoo.

Stealing signs is frowned upon by some yet legal. Videotaping to do so is not. There is a difference.

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