Cheaters @ Ticats Game Thread

Post plays, scores, rants, or whatever here.

Thanks! :smiley: Just hope that I'm not alone since I know that many fans are going to be at the game.

I'll be there for Labour Day though.

Hi guys!

Hey guys. I imagine more will show up.

One quick pre-game thought... I have heard talk around the CFL that Chick is underperforming so far. I totally disagree. In 8 games so far he has 15 tackles and 5 sacks, which is more that respectable. Certainly above the average DE in the CFL.

And would that talk be coming from the "sliders" camp?? :lol:

Well three can have a conversation as easily as 13 or 23.

Thankfully the rival team slaughter is over but had to change the channel to get to the Ticats game :?

Also disappointed that the Ticats site didn't have the opening coin toss and anthem as they've had in the past. I like to watch that online instead of listening to the panel blather.

Zach has never thrown for over 300 yards against the Riders?

I suspect that won't be the case after tonight...

I haven't heard that talk, but I don't think he's been underperforming at all either.

Kickoff is coming up, and here are some things I'd like to see in this one, in no particular order:

  1. I'd like Collaros to be completely out of preseason mode and look like the kind of QB that made him the favourite to be named the MOP.

  2. I'd like Maher to keep that FG streak going. He did struggle at THF earlier this year. And I would like this team to not have to think about signing Swayze Waters.

  3. I'd like those two new CBs to appear to be an improvement over Lee and Pointer.

  4. And I'd like to see a blowout win over the Roughcheaters. But they may not be easy to beat despite their record, as the Stamps found out last week.

Game on!

Hey there, everybody. Game on!|

Nice start too. Let's change that <300 yard record tonight.

Well, he looked pretty good on the first play from scrimmage... lol

Nice big play to Owens to open up the game and (hopefully) the scoring barrage

It's a relief to see a better start from this team.

As Drew tweeted:

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 20s20 seconds ago #Ticats first play against the #Riders a gain of 24... last week, a fumble. The week before, a pick six. So, improvement.
In FG range now!

Good drive, but we only get a FG by Maher...

Wide-open Prime missed in end zone on 2nd and 10.

Oh well. Maher gets the easy FG to make it 14 consecutive FGs. 3-0 us.

Too bad Collaros overthrew Primé - wide open in the end zone like he was. But we got three, so not too horrible.

Man despite the FG, that was a sweet drive. You can see that Zach still has some rust, those were two endzone passes that normally would have been TDs. The positive is that Zach is reading the defence like it's a comic book....

Correction... Chick has only played 7 games so far, not 8. Tonight is the 8th, so his stats look even better now.

Great drive down the field but a couple of tosses there looked like Zach hasn’t quite shaken off all of the rust. At least they end up with a FG. As long as the D can get the sliders off the field quickly, he’ll get lots more time to throw and he certainly did look better last week as the game went on.

That’s the spirit D - 2 and out for the greenies!

Yep. Cheaters must've considered themselves lucky on that one.

After 2 and out, Banks returns it to our 40. Now, it would be nice to see this team with the big lead at the half. Especially considering...

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 11m11 minutes ago #Riders win the toss and defer... they'll have the wind in Q4 if they want it.

Was that actually TWO running plays in a row?