cheat for saturday!

good news(spec this morn) cheatwood says he'll start opposite walker sat night


(hope Collier gets some action... and a piece of AC...)

Espo - that post was three different kinds of "wrong"... lol

hey... whatever it takes to get AC off his game.... lol

(what? its well known that Belli would rather pinch someone's ass to throw them off rather than trash talk.... IMO its probably more effective)

Since the title of this thread is "cheat for saturday!" perhaps I should bring a pair of binoculars and a pair of walkie-talkies to help spy on Montreal? Spygate revisited? Get someone to tap into the phone lines between the coach's box and the Al's bench?

Any other ideas?

could always tie a damsel to the train tracks while muttering "mwahaha" in hopes that dudley dooright comes and derails the aloutte train in order to save said damsel....

Smoke Screen!