Cheapest Watering Hole

Ok, we've all seen the prices of beer and concessions at IWS, and to me they are far to high, so my plan is to boycot purchases at IWS and eat and drink before or after the game.

My question to all of you is where is the cheapest/best place to go before or after the game. Please include the approximate price of a beer.

I charge $2 for beer after hockey in my league, and make money. Golf courses in my area charge 4 to 5 bucks. Who does IWS think they are charging over $6 for a 12 oz. beer.

Can't wait for the responses.

3.50 for a 22oz beer
9.90 for a 60oz Pitcher....

where? i'll never tell, find you're own personal cheers, i've got mine and its crowded enough!!! lol

Check out any of the old taverns along Barton Street, if you dare (the Brittania, the Prince Edward, the Aero, etc.). Some of them still serve 95 cent beer in those regulation LLBO glasses. Haven't been since last year though, so things may have changed.

LOL :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: are a cruel, cruel man...

Stevie b's on Barton near the northwest corner of the stadium. the lakeport is cheap and this place must be experienced by any "die" hard Ti-Cat fan.......

Bob Young always talks about helping out local business. I think this is one of his biggest chances, they should be selling Lakeport at the games. I good 3 bucks a beer is still marking up the price 300% but it would be much better then what it is right now.


Philthy's on monday was pretty cheap. Not sure of the normal price there and no I didn't bring my towel

At my place a case of beer costs under forty bucks and most wines around fifteen.

If you can behave, any Legion has the cheapest beer.

So IVS marks up beer. Get over it. There are more important things wrong in the world.

i do what i can.... haha,

you wouldn't want to know anyway, its probably at least half an hour away from ya. (check my locale....)

I like your idea and have often wondered this myself, but I'm sure that Budweiser sinks quite a bit of $$$ into the Ti-Cats/CFL...would Lakeport be able to match their offer? Who knows, but I still think it's a great idea.

Very funny JFL but it wasn't that kind of towel.

If you have to bring a towel, shouldn't you also bring salted penuts? No, I'm not talkingg about a certain blue team player complaining about his nether regions. One should also drink 3 pints of stout before using the towel and eating the penuts.

Anyone know the reference?

I myself aren't sure what your referring to but that night we didn't eat peanuts at Philthys but we ordered other food but on the other hand it wasn't a game day so it is a useless point

Semi-obscure Douglas Adams reference. Read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for clarification.

(Penuts for the protien, a rolled-up towel to rest your head upon, and 3 pints of stout for the muscle relaxant properties of alcohol. Really, the only 3 things you need to prepare for hyperspace transit...) :smiley:

its about as unpleasant as being drunk...

'whats so unpleasant about being drunk?'

ask a glass of water how it likes it...

(sorry i didn't guess it, i hadn't read your response yet.... tho i hope i made up for it... lol.

oddly enough that was the first thing i thought of too..... meh, great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ i suppose.)

ricky's towel:

countin down for the mods.....