Cheap Shot Sanchez!

Well guys I just had to say something. I watched sanchez hit stegall. And although it was a legal hit. It was un needed to hit stegall that low, and lead to stegalls strained knee. I was hoping after that it would be over. But I was watching the riders als game and saw sanchez do the exact same thing to a rider reciever. It was a pass underneatha dn sanchez came flying in and hit him low. The receiver had no idea that sanchez was coming and and would have been taken down anyway sanchez could of hit him. Although both these tackles are technically legal hits. It is extremely dagerous for the player who takes the hit and has already shown injuries. I think that an un-neccisary low hit from a defensive player should be ruled as an attempt to injury or the saftey of the offensive player.

Oh please!
This happened 2 weeks ago.

....the refs have enough on their hands as it is to ask them now to rule whether a attempted tackle was intent to injure or is a violent contact sport....

maybe his dial up is a lil :lol: jk

I dislike Sanchez but please thats not start the low tackle crap. :lol: A tackle is a tackle! Other then trying to rip the guys head off or late hit nothing else would be a dirty hit on a tackle!

R&W2k5 is right… A tackle is a tackle… Last time i checked, football was a contact sport, not ballet…

Agreed. I don’t like Sanchez either, but the tackle was fine and within the rules.

Right, because Davis Sanchez is the only player in the CFL who occasionally tackles low. :roll:

Football is a violent sport. Deal with it.

Not sure I understand the wording of this poll. I can either vote yes, unneccesary hits by defensive players should be legal, because "it will cause to amjor injury". Or, I can vote no, unneccesary hits by defensive players should NOT be legal because "it is all legal". I just can't decide!!! Is there a third option???

That is the most crappy poll question, and it does not even come from Kanga… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok ssems i hit a little bit of a touchy subject. and sorry about the brutal wording of the poll. But the reason I put this up is not to complain but to see what everyone else thinks. I know football is a contact sport and that it is very violent but no 1 needed to tell me that I played the sprts for multiple years. I just brought it up because when a CFL star reciever goes down with a major injury due to the hit and ends his career everyone else will freak out. I just wanted to hear some opinions on it and I see that you all like the idea of low tackles. so I got nothing more.

Football mad you are good guy! But this post really suprises me. You state you play the game and you do not know tha low tackles are done how many times in a game. Shoestring tackle ever hear about that. So If you played and really I do not care one way or the other what the heck did your coach teach you. You tackle the guy any way you can depending on the situation you are in. Theonly way it is illegal is a late hit, spearing or by the face mask. I might a missed one but that is not important. But tell me what is it you were looking for. :roll:

I know that red and white and i was taught to tackle low. it is the easiest and most succesful way of making the tackle. but it is the way it is done that bothers me. I never came full bore at a guys legs wih his back turned! But I know its part of the game and well I guess I was just taking a wrong look at it. Something I don;t do very often.

u might even call him....'dirty sanchez'...hahahahahahahaha

Where's Statik when you need him? He plays the game.

If my memory is correct, I recall hearing my Grandson's coach always tell his players to tackle low and wrap up the legs. (Thats how I remember playing when I played against the Likes of Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.) The coach used to tell the kids "No matter how big they are, and how small you are, if you wrap up the legs, he isn't going any where."

Statik, they still teach that, don't they?

....that's how I was taught to tackle a guy bigger than I, except that rather than going for the legs instantly you'd wrap up the player around his waist and then drop....he's going to trip himself up.....

Wow this should be right up there with the "chop blocks by the offensive line should be illegal" in terms of being a sore loser/whiner thread

o mada shut up i said i just was not thinking atright when i posted it. so w.e i know i was taught to tacvkle low as well just the way to do it. but w.e moving along lets just kill this thread.

in the game in winnipeg the crowed started chanting that in the section I was in (which was ight beside him) this was right after he got a penalty for taunting.

Glenn proceded to keep throwing the ball his way and Armstrong got a TD.

yup.. if you can't live with hits of all sorts.. GET OUT OF THE GAME!!