Cheap play by Eric Fraser on Chris Williams

Don't remember the timing in the game, but there was a reception by Williams that took him out of bounds near the Stamps bench, and it looked like Fraser tried to wrench Williams' knee hard, using Frazer's back or shoulder as a fulcrum after they were both out of bounds. Luckily Williams was able to roll with it and ended up in a kneeling position over top of Fraser. To me it looked like a deliberate attempt to injure. Hope the Cats get a good look at the film and bring it up with the league office. I thought it was a total punk move on Fraser's part.

Found it. It was in the 3rd quarter with about 11:40 remaining on the game clock.

Jump to the 6:30 mark in this video clip:

Watch the way Fraser rolls and twists hard while still holding on tight to Williams’ lower leg. If you wanted to try to rupture someone’s ACL, that would be the textbook way to do it. I know there are little twists and pulls that happen all the time, but this looked really blatant.

Check out this 4th quarter non-call when we still had a chance. Freeze frame at 14:17. I've heard of the Ray Elgard rule but this guy was more than a yard over the line before the ball was snapped. It was total obvious in real time when I saw it. Guess what? We got a penalty on the play. That did it for us. Thanks ref.

^^^ To me, it looked perfectly;y timed, or at the very least, very close.

When you freeze it at 14:16, take note where the defensive lineman are, 1 yard off the ball, and you can see the receiver right on the line looking at the ball. At 14:17 the receiver is just starting to cross scrimmage and the D-linemen are just out of their stances too.

Anyhoo, those kinds of offsides are not all that unusual, and i don't thin this had any affect on the game at all.

Re: The Chris Williams tackle, i thought it was ok. I don't think his leg was twisted "hard". Looks like Williams was ok with the play the way he acknowledged Frazer. If anything, it seems Williams was thanking him for not twisting too hard.

Juts a football play to me.

Don't mean to be a contrarian here, but both plays look like normal football to me.

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That doesn't surprise me at all. Surprises me even less that it wasn't called. It was like watching the Canada/US soccer game all over again. We were Canada.