Cheap Flights London> Winnipeg

Check on-line Air Canada.

Got one tonight return…$230.00

With all taxes etc. $317.00 check it out :thup:

Woody do you have a hotel as well ??

Yup...Country Inn and Suites on King...3 mins from the airport!

get those hotels booked fast,

apparently theres only approx. 6600 hotel rooms in Winnipeg. only five days til gameday.

(also, woody, you makin commission these? lol Thought you were a car guy? no? lol)

All kidding aside... there are still a few rooms and flights available ..."on the cheap". You need to do a little looking, but it seems there were some cancelations following last weeks games!

I didn't make the decision to go untill 8:00pm on Monday. ( yea I'm a car guy, but it's not real brisk right now, and besides, I'm going to be a long time dead... :wink: ). I had to keep checking for flights untill something that worked became available!

my first GC was supposed to be 96,

didn't happen, but i guess i'll have to settle for the concrete pimple in 2007

Woody , I am glad you made the move to go, I am sure you'll be glad you did. Have Fun.
Dont worry about anything at work, I'll keep everything on the level!
You can count on me!