CHCH story on TI-Cats making it to the 83rd Grey Cup

CHCH must have a time machine, just a heads up Baltimore wins

Tiger-Cats advance to the 83rd Grey Cup in Hamilton - YouTube

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Nice fact checking going on in the news department.

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People watch CHCH?

SCTV had better newscasts.


Phil Perkins could have easily subbed in for Earl Camembert.

But I have a soft spot for Shelly Marriage


Wish we saw more of Leslie.

She's the best thing on chch

Bubba is super solid as well.

Dunk is junk.


Thanks to recently declassified CFL documents, we now know what ACTUALLY happened during and after that fateful 83rd Grey Cup Game in 1995.

While the Stampeders and the Stallions duked it out in Saskatchewan, the heroic Ti-Cats were busy creating a diversion in Hamilton hoping to keep the Grey Cup in Canada. Records show that Hamilton got insufficient Back Bacon support from the huge naval task force anchored in Regina. So according to official CFL records the ill-fated 'Cats never really stood a chance. Like falling dominos, soon afterwards the hard charging Maple Syrup Regiments from Montreal and Provencher Street in Winnipeg (part of the famed 'French Foreign Cavities') found themselves completely overwhelmed. It was only a matter of time before Earl Grey's fabled cup passed into US hands.

It's a good thing that the Americans thought we Canadians were nuts and surrendered the Stallions to eager fans in Montreal the following year.

Historians will likely agree in the not too distant future that the Tabbie's near super human efforts during the 83rd Grey Cup were not entirely in vain. Vive La CFL!!! :partying_face: :boom:


Well done

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Don't thank me, thank the highly secretive 'CFL Archive Division' headquartered in Ottawa beside Harry's Discount Sex Shop for their courage to finally set the record straight. :smiley: :+1:
SCTV Harry's Sex Shop - YouTube

It’s a fact. It’s a Canadian fact.

  • Brought to you by the Canadian Facts Ministry
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Apart from the time or 2 my alter ego showed up drunk. I mean, under the weather. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I haven’t done the math, but maybe the CHCH News department is super forward thinking and doesn’t acknowledge any Grey Cup games that the Argos played in as having ever happened? If so, that would be super awesome of them.

Unfortunately I suspect it’s just really sloppy journalism…