CHCH Blooper

Did anyone tape the Saturday CHCH news @ 6 sports today, after they talked about the Cats win they mentioned the up coming game BC vs SASK. But when they showed the team logos BC had the lion face and Sask had the old Ottawa Renagades logo. Really weird. Way to go Bubba, you could get a job at the Spec proof reading for Ken Peters.


Seriously...I'm sure YOU are perfect on your job. Pretty minor error. Agreed... BFD!

another useless thread,,
and I'm pretty sure Bubba isn't the one putting up the team logo's behind him..

I noticed it too last night and had a laugh over that, I live in Ottawa and it's good to know that CH is still thinking about the Renegades. But I bet CH will never make a mistake with the Leafs logo - I know you guys in metro Toronto love the Leafs but I'm getting a little tired with all the Leaf coverage.

Two things.

  1. The news readers DON’T do the graphic work in the telecast.

  2. This happens all the time at CH…it’s a brutal station.

Ah heck, I’ll make it three things…

  1. Someone tapes the news???

im surprised nobody noticed the 2-10 for the roughriders win-loss stats as well

I guess it’s our “job”, so to speak, as fans to notice the bad with the good, although at times it seems that’s all we notice, the bad that is.

Kinda like this morning on Y108 when on the sports, they did the NFL scores before the Argos and Als games. I didn’t like it but I guess NFL takes a priority to CFL around these parts among some, oh well, c’est la vie.

I did, as well as the 6-5-1 record for th Lions, also the faux pas with Ritchie Williams stats: 2 TD 2 Int. when in fact it's: 3 TD and 1 Int...