CHCH and OUA Football

You may recall last year when it was announced CHCH was going to step in to telecast the Yates Cup after Sportsnet 360 dropped doing OUA regular season and playoff games they indicated the likelihood of CHCH doing regular season OUA games this year.

Well in view of the recent downsizing at CHCH I was wondering about that - so I emailed them and this is the reply I got.

Hi Patrick!

Thank you for your email….it’s not official, we’re still working on the broadcast contract and sponsorship.

At this moment, we’ll probably carry the playoffs only with the plan of expanding the coverage to broadcast regular season games in 2017.

TV Announcers will be decided by the OUA office with some input from us of course.

I hope that helps answer your questions.

Best regards,

Romen Podzyhun

Romen Podzyhun
Channel Zero Inc.
2844 Dundas St. W, Toronto, ON M6P 1Y7
T: 416.492.1595 x 226

So doesn't sound like we will be getting any regular season OUA games on CHCH this year.

I used this the last couple years.

It's not too bad. A few glitches here and there naturally. You can put up 4 games your screen and with an HDMI connection, throw the whole quad image onto a bigger LCD screen if you so desire.

Most are produced by the host school. While it's not the SEC or BIG10 Network ... it's still college football on a Saturday afternoon!

Can only get better year to year as more people tune in.

I've just watched OUAA games (mainly Mac games) on the OUAA Website - only one game at a time mind you but it works

This is a really good tool for watching OUA football, when I used to cover York football it was an easy way to cover them when they were on the road...and also throw 3 other games on that were hopefully competitive lol

But the lack of CIS coverage nationally is a joke, Sportsnet can shove it so far when it comes to the "deal" they made with the OUA, makes me so mad that no major TV broadcasters recognize why it is important to give these schools a national platform, as a kid I used to watch university rush and dream of playing OUA football, that is a hell of a lot harder now for kids minus the major bowl games and also with the plethora of talent heading to the NCAA, they need present the CIS as a viable option to propel yourself to the next level even if the NCAA doesn't come calling and that might even be a better option than some D-II schools. Obviously local TV covers games for their respective schools but it just doesn't compare to a proper broadcast and doesn't provide the right exposure for the CIS. I understand ratings likely are the reason it doesn't get any love, but not like Sportsnet and TSN are swimming in material, they have a lot of channels and a lot of time slots to fill and do so rather poorly most of the time, it's just a joke how Canadian football as a whole gets treated in this country sometimes.

Rant over.