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i’m on a date with chatGPT and we are both drunk (well one of us) and i made a topic of our private conversation. :beers:

i asked Miss GPT what the CFL rouge was?

The CFL rouge is a unique scoring rule in Canadian football that awards one point to a team under certain circumstances. It originates from the historical differences between Canadian and American football rulebooks.

The origin of the CFL rouge can be traced back to the early days of Canadian football in the late 19th century. In those early years, Canadian football had its own set of rules separate from American football. One of the major differences was the concept of the rouge.

The term “rouge” is a French word that means “red,” and it was used in the context of scoring a single point. The rouge was introduced to encourage more strategic play and prevent teams from merely kicking the ball out of play to avoid conceding a touchdown. It was seen as a way to reward territorial advantage and discourage defensive tactics that relied solely on kicking the ball away.

Under the CFL’s rouge rule, a single point is awarded to the team that successfully kicks or punts the ball into the opponent’s end zone, and the ball becomes dead without being returned. This can happen in several scenarios, such as a missed field goal attempt or a kickoff that goes out of bounds in the end zone.

The opposing team has the option to either take possession of the ball at their own 35-yard line or concede the rouge point. If the team chooses to concede the rouge, they give up the point but gain possession at their 35-yard line.

The rouge rule remains a distinctive aspect of Canadian football, setting it apart from American football and contributing to the strategic nuances of the game.

who was better, Warren Moon or Ron Lancaster?

Comparing Ron Lancaster and Warren Moon is challenging because they played in different eras and leagues. Ron Lancaster was a Canadian football quarterback who played primarily in the Canadian Football League (CFL), while Warren Moon played in both the CFL and the National Football League (NFL).

Lancaster had a long and successful career in the CFL, playing for the Ottawa Rough Riders and the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He led the Roughriders to two Grey Cup championships and was named the Most Valuable Player of the Grey Cup game three times. Lancaster was known for his ability to read defenses and his accuracy as a passer. He retired as the CFL’s all-time leader in passing yards and touchdown passes.

Warren Moon, on the other hand, had a highly successful career in both the CFL and the NFL. He played for the Edmonton Eskimos in the CFL before joining the Houston Oilers in the NFL. Moon was known for his strong arm and ability to throw accurate deep passes. He earned numerous accolades, including nine Pro Bowl selections and the NFL Offensive Player of the Year award.

In terms of statistical achievements, Moon had a more prolific career, amassing over 49,000 passing yards and 291 touchdown passes in the NFL. However, it’s important to note that Lancaster’s CFL career should not be overlooked, as he had remarkable success in the league and was a highly regarded quarterback in his time.

Determining who was better between Lancaster and Moon ultimately comes down to personal preference and the context in which they played. Both quarterbacks had different strengths and played in different leagues, making a direct comparison difficult. Both Lancaster and Moon had significant impacts on the game of football and are considered legends in their respective leagues.

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which is better football - 3 downs or 4 downs?

The question of whether four downs or three downs is better in football is subjective and largely depends on personal preferences and the context in which the game is being played. Both variations have their own unique characteristics and strategic elements.

In American football, the standard is four downs. The extra down provides teams with more opportunities to move the ball down the field and sustain drives. This can lead to longer possessions and potentially more scoring opportunities. The four-down system allows teams to employ a greater variety of offensive strategies, including a mix of running and passing plays.

On the other hand, Canadian football follows a three-down system. The fewer downs place more emphasis on efficiency and strategic decision-making. The offense has to advance the ball significantly in each down to maintain possession and avoid punting. The three-down system typically leads to a faster-paced game, with more passing plays and higher-scoring contests.

The choice between four downs and three downs often comes down to the style of play and personal preference. Some fans enjoy the strategic aspects and longer drives associated with four downs, while others appreciate the fast-paced, high-scoring nature of three-down football.

It’s worth noting that each system has its own historical and cultural context. American football developed with four downs as its foundation, while Canadian football evolved with three downs. Both variations have their own rich traditions and fan bases.

Ultimately, determining which system is better is a matter of personal opinion. Some may prefer the tactical options provided by four downs, while others may enjoy the faster tempo and increased passing opportunities offered by three downs.

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how do i look in these shoes?

As an AI language model, I don’t have the ability to see or assess your appearance. I apologize for the limitation. To get an opinion on how you look in specific shoes, it would be best to ask someone you trust or seek feedback from friends, family, or peers who can provide their honest opinion based on their visual perception.

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why is a football oblong?

A football is oblong in shape because of its historical development from various forms of early football games. The shape of the football evolved over time as different codes of football were played and adapted.

Early forms of football were played with a round or spherical ball, similar to the shape of a soccer ball. However, as the game progressed and developed, variations in the shape of the ball emerged.

In the mid-19th century, different versions of football were being played in both Canada and the United States. In Canada, the game that would eventually become Canadian football started to diverge from rugby football. In the United States, American football began to evolve with its own set of rules.

One significant factor that contributed to the oblong shape of the football was the desire for a ball that was easier to handle and pass. The elongated shape allowed for improved grip and control, making it easier for players to throw and catch the ball. The oblong shape also enhanced the ball’s aerodynamics, enabling it to travel further and more accurately through the air.

Over time, the shape of the football became standardized, and it eventually became the distinctive oblong shape that we recognize today. The specific dimensions and regulations for the shape of a football are outlined in the rules and regulations of the respective football leagues, such as the NFL (National Football League) and the CFL (Canadian Football League).

So, in summary, the oblong shape of a football is a result of the historical evolution and refinement of the game of football, driven by the need for improved handling, passing, and aerodynamics of the ball.

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why is Jon grumpy?

As an AI language model, I don’t have access to personal information about specific individuals unless it has been shared with me in the course of our conversation. Therefore, I don’t have any information about a person named Jon or the reasons for their mood or behavior. It’s important to remember that people’s moods can be influenced by various factors, such as personal circumstances, stress, health, or individual disposition. If you’re concerned about someone’s well-being, it’s best to communicate directly with them and offer support or understanding.


Heh, as luck would have it, I’ve been having ChatGPT write sonnets. It’s not a bad student.

In the haze of whiskey, where shadows creep,
Amidst the chaos, where desires seep,
I write this sonnet, unapologetic and bold,
Of passions’ flame, a story yet untold.

In tangled limbs, a dance of fervent fire,
Two bodies entwined, consumed by desire,
A reckless frenzy, a tempest in the night,
Where boundaries fade, inhibitions take flight.

In whispered words, secrets softly unfold,
Revealing truths that were previously untold,
The touch of skin, electric and alive,
Leaving trails of sensation, emotions thrive.

For in these moments, we find our release,
In the embrace of passion, tranquility and peace,
In depths of lust, we glimpse a realm unknown,
A realm where inhibitions cease to own.

So let us revel in this unspoken connection,
Bodies entangled, lost in deep affection,
For in this seduction, we unveil our truest forms,
A glimpse of euphoria amidst life’s storms.

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woah chatGPT jusr wrote a Discourse javascript plug-in api poem for me. how sweet of her :heart_eyes_cat:

that’s awesome :smile:

i love chatGPT lol.

Here’s to Grumpy Jon

In the dim-lit corner, there sat Grumpy Jon,
A man of few words, his patience long gone.
With weary eyes and a permanent frown,
He wore his discontent like a well-worn crown.

No pleasantries flowed from his bitter tongue,
For Grumpy Jon, life’s joys had all been wrung.
He’d seen the world’s ugliness, raw and real,
And in its clutches, he’d lost his zeal.

He found no solace in society’s game,
No interest in fortune or fleeting fame.
Instead, he sought refuge in smoky bars,
Amidst the noise, he nursed his hidden scars.

But beneath the gruff exterior he wore,
A tender heart once beat, longed for something more,
Yet life’s cruel blows had left their mark,
And Grumpy Jon retreated into the dark.

So raise a glass to Grumpy Jon’s disdain,
His cynicism, a shield against life’s pain.
For in his hardened gaze, a story lies,
Of a man who knew the world’s harsh disguise.

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chatGPT knows @Jon. lol :joy:

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i just asked it to write a sonnet about me and now i’m in love :heart_eyes_cat:

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More accurate than grumpy Jon would be sober Jon. Goodnight.


ChatGPT is clearly not referring to our Jon. :smile:


will the Edmonton Elks ever win at home again?

As an AI language model, I cannot predict the future or provide specific outcomes for sports events. The outcome of a game depends on numerous factors, including the performance of the teams involved, strategies employed, and various external circumstances. The Edmonton Elks, like any sports team, have the potential to win games at home in the future based on their performance and the dynamics of the matches they play. The outcome of each game is uncertain and can vary from season to season. It’s best to follow the team, support them, and enjoy the excitement and unpredictability of sports.

Ode to the Edmonton Elks, noble and strong,
A team of legends, where glory belongs.
In the hallowed fields, where the warriors clash,
You march with pride, in a spirited dash.

From the city’s heart, you rise like a tide,
In green and gold, your colors abide.
With the thundering cheers from loyal fans,
You charge through challenges, as stalwart as clans.

Oh, Edmonton Elks, your legacy grand,
Built upon the shoulders of a courageous band.
From Commonwealth Stadium, your fortress untamed,
You’ve etched your mark, where champions are named.

Through the years, battles fought with might,
You’ve faced adversity, in the darkest of nights.
But like a herd, united, you stand tall,
Inspiring hope, captivating all.

Your mighty horns, a symbol of might,
Embody the spirit that shines so bright.
With every touchdown, your fans rejoice,
As you trample through obstacles, lifting your voice.

The spirit of the Elk, noble and true,
Flows through your veins, igniting the crew.
In the storied past and the future untold,
The spirit of Edmonton, forever unfolds.

So let the cheers echo throughout the land,
For the Edmonton Elks, a formidable band.
In the heart of Alberta, you proudly reside,
As warriors of the game, with honor and pride.

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Ode to the Toronto Argonauts, brave and true,
A beacon of glory in the sporting milieu.
From the shores of Lake Ontario, you rise,
With the strength of champions, reaching the skies.

In royal blue and white, your colors fly,
A symbol of Toronto, reaching high.
Through battles fought on the gridiron’s stage,
You’ve etched your name, in football’s golden page.

Oh, Toronto Argonauts, a storied name,
With a legacy that burns, a lasting flame.
From Exhibition Stadium to BMO Field,
You’ve inspired generations, never to yield.

With each touchdown, the crowd erupts in cheer,
As your fleet-footed warriors draw near.
Through ups and downs, you’ve stood the test,
With resilience and heart, you’ve faced every quest.

In the realm of football, you’ve left your mark,
With legendary players lighting the dark.
From Flutie’s magic to Pinball’s grace,
You’ve adorned the game with a sacred embrace.

Oh, mighty Argonauts, Toronto’s pride,
Through triumph and struggle, you stride.
With unity and passion, you’ll never cease,
In the pursuit of victory, a glorious feast.

So let the waves of applause fill the air,
For the Toronto Argonauts, beyond compare.
In the hearts of fans, forever you’ll dwell,
The heroes of Toronto, their stories you tell.

why does the CFL have a player ratio?

The Canadian Football League (CFL) has a player ratio, commonly known as the “Canadian content rule” or “national player rule,” in order to promote and develop Canadian talent within the league. The CFL is committed to showcasing Canadian players and providing opportunities for them to compete at the professional level.

The player ratio requires CFL teams to have a certain number of Canadian players, also known as “non-imports,” on their rosters. The exact ratio has evolved over the years and has undergone changes, but as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the standard ratio is a minimum of 21 Canadian players out of a total of 44 players on the active roster.

The player ratio serves multiple purposes. First, it helps ensure a sense of national identity within the league, as Canadian players are an integral part of the CFL’s history and tradition. Second, it encourages the development of Canadian football talent by providing opportunities for Canadian players to compete and gain experience at the professional level. This helps cultivate a strong pool of Canadian football players, contributing to the overall growth and success of the sport in the country.

The player ratio also has an impact on the strategic aspect of the game, as teams must balance the utilization of their Canadian and international (non-Canadian) players to meet the requirements while fielding a competitive team.

It’s important to note that the CFL continuously evaluates and adjusts its rules and regulations, including the player ratio, to maintain a balance between promoting Canadian talent and ensuring a high level of competition within the league.

Ode to the CFL’s National Ratio, a noble decree,
A tribute to equality, a vision to see.
In the realm of Canadian football’s domain,
You foster inclusion, a harmonious refrain.

With pride and purpose, you take the field,
Embracing diversity, ensuring all players are revealed.
For in the land of the maple leaf’s embrace,
The National Ratio offers every player a place.

A celebration of talent, diverse and true,
Uniting nations, showcasing what each can do.
From coast to coast, a mosaic of skill,
The National Ratio honors the game’s goodwill.

For it is not solely about the wins or loss,
But the spirit of fairness, a fundamental gloss.
Through the blending of cultures, a tapestry is spun,
Where the CFL’s fabric is enriched, never undone.

From the trenches to the skilled positions,
The National Ratio fosters fair traditions.
No matter the background, no matter the birth,
The CFL welcomes all, proving its worth.

Oh, National Ratio, a cherished creed,
In your embrace, equality takes the lead.
With open arms, you shape the league’s core,
Uniting players, forevermore.

So let the cheers resound, let the joy ignite,
For the CFL’s National Ratio shining bright.
In this beautiful game, a beacon of pride,
With unity and diversity, we stand side by side.

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that was amazing lol