Chat is enabled, including private chat

you can start a private chat from someone’s user card or profile same way you can send a pm.

group and team chat channels will appear in the sidebar menu near the bottom. click the pencil icon in the chat sidebar section to see what channels are available to join.

you access chat via the chat icon up at the top next to the search magnifying glass icon.

there are some user settings for chat if you go to your user preferences and tap/ click the chat tab on the far right.


chat channels also here

Hi GG,

Just for clarification, the benefit of the Chat is that it is live and in real-time instead of turn-based posting. Would that be correct?

Any other benefits? Also can the Chat option be configured so that only certain members can be invited? That might prevent conflicts or trolling.


yes the real time. i just think you guys should try it and if you like it you can use it. the game topics will be available or you can make them as usual. i can control who can join channels but since anyone can join team groups, the team chats will remain open to any one. however, like the team categories, rules about trolling other teams applies in team chat.