Chasing Ottawa

Who's got the best chances of catching on Ottawa this week shall the Renegades lose, or to hang on 2nd place in the East shall Ottawa win?

I may be a bit biased, but I pick Montreal. They play at home against a Stampeders squad that tend to turn the ball over too often, whereas Toronto will meet a well-rested Eskimos squad in Commonwealth.

What do you think?

noone will catch ottawa THIS week.....OTTAWA has an EASY win against they will stay ATLEAST 2 points up for 1 more week

Funny to look at my own reaction, no offence Ottawa fans, i voted like if it was a 2 + 2 equation that Ottawa would loose this week games. AND IT’S NOT, i think Ott wil kick their but!

Als Fan.

I did say: «Who’s got the best chances of catching on Ottawa this week shall the Renegades lose, or to hang on 2nd place in the East shall Ottawa win?»

Ottawa shall lose agaisnt my Bombers...and that gives Montreal and Toronto being tied for first place in the east with Ottawa..all with 5 wins. This is just my opinion... I still do think the Bombers will beat Ottawa... and Montreal should take care of Calgary..but the Toronto/Edmonton game, is a tough call and I'm not sure. I just like Toronto's chance of beating Edmonton so I'll take them.

Day dreaming again I see! When the bombers lose to Ottawa do not turn into the green team fans and jump off the wagon. In all fairness to the Rider fans not all Rider fans are like that but I have noticed a few Bomber fans do this also. Copeland will want to shine against his old team the Stamps will beat Montreal if they can control their need to spot points to the other team.

Then again that is just what I think what will happen and I want what is best for the Bombers. Copeland and the Stamps can very well beat Montreal, and Edmonton can very well beat Toronto. As for the Bombers, I think they can be a contender agaisnt the Rens and pull off a win especially since this game will be played at Canad Inns Stadium, our turf. If the Bombers win, what makes you think I'll jump off the Blue and Gold wagon? I know some bomber fans tend to leave and then come back but I've been cheering for my team since the beginning, and I don't plan on leaving this wagon if we lose agaisnt Ottawa...

I think if Bleedblue&gold was going to jump off the wagon he would have done it by now.

And the Riders wagon is still doing alright, most fans are staying on it (that I talk to), there is just a lot of bickering and the wagon has a couple of flat tires. Of course some people believe they have to jump off the wagon to fix the tires but sometimes they just fix themselves.

This may surprise you Redwhite2005, but I'd be happy to see Copeland have a good game. I want the Als to win, no question about that, but I still enjoy watching Jermaine play even now that he's wearing red. And if Montreal gets beaten, I hope it will be because of Copeland. That would teach Jim Popp to retain our quality players.

Go you Mighty Birds!

You do realise that both Toronto and Motreal have a game in hand.

What is the old saying? A game is hand is worth 2 in the standings

ro1313..............that is very good...........I have never heard that before , like that.

You do realise it was supposed to be ]
A bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush
Whatever that means

that is why your version of that quote is clever.

Awwww shucks :oops: :lol:

I just look at "games behind" ... as in baseball, where for each game in hand you have, you're 0.5 games closer to the leader.

Thus, Montreal and Toronto are both 0.5 games behind Ottawa ...

I think Winnipeg will prove to be a very tough test for Ottawa. I'm worried that if I pick Ottawa this weekend, I'll jinx them :wink: But they should win ... however, it won't, in any way, come easy.

Montreal looks like their gaining steam in the East, they will probably beat the Stamps, Esks should beat the Argos and Bombers will beat the Gades.

I wouldn't be to sure about that.

Care to make a bet on that, hellothere? :o

MTL definitely the more likely to win this week. The Stamps have been good, but inconsistent. So have the Als, but I'll take the experienced team at home every time.

The Gades have a tough one in WPG, who should be pumped after pummelling the brutal Ti-Cats. I think OTT's D will be key - again.

If OTT is going to pull this one out, the offense has to play 3 good quarters. In most games this season, the offense has been good for 2 quarters and pretty terrible for 2 quarters. Plus, going into the bye week as a first place team will be huge incentive for a good performance on both sides of the ball.

OTT by 7.

  • Montreal over Calgary
  • Winnipeg over Ottawa
  • B.C. over Hamilton
  • Toronto over Edmonton