Chase Daniels

What do you guys think about him? From what i understand we have his neg rights and "experts" are suggesting he isn't built for the NFL but would be a perfect fit for the Canadian game. Do you guys think he will be drafted next year? If not do you think he is the fresh blood this team needs to rebuild at Qb position?

He'll probably be drafted.

I'd watch Reesing out of Kansas as he is on our neg list as well, but he's not as talented as Daniels.

Don't supose you know anyone else on our neg list :stuck_out_tongue:.

All the QBs on the neg list:
Chase Daniel, Matt Flynn, Brian Johnson, Kellen Lewis, Ben Mauk, Todd Reesing, Paul Smith and Jeremy Young

That's from December though, so it's probably changed.

Chase Daniel is a great QB, he will be in the NFL.

When Crandall got hurt we asked Tillman on Riderville about the neg list qbs. Cultville is what Mike calls it. ET said the Riders have a lot of good qbs on there negotiation list. He said Daniels is 2 inches shorter than his university says he is. He did say Daniels would go to the NFL first but being short would hurt him. The 3 qbs he liked most from OnRiders list from before on here I think were these players. Smith and Reesing and Lewis. He wrote about 1 other qb not on that list. Shockly from the Falcons. Said Shivers put him on the Riders list.