Chase Clement

Not sure if this has been posted or not, but...

Chase Clement

This guy "retired" from pro-football last year when he realized that the CFL was going to be much more of a challenge than expected.

He is now with the Las Vegas Locomotives of the United Football League.

Oh yay! I love knowing what never was QB's are up to.

Any news on Eakin or Chang? Please!

At least Eakin and Chang actually played for us, being here for a cup of coffee and walking out on the team because he found out CFL dressing rooms were to small for his head to fit in doesn't make him a former player.

Sounds like yet another NCAA has-been, perhaps with the big head to go with such a pedigree, who figured out there was so much more to the CFL game than having a strong arm akin to the excellent feedback in those articles in the quarterbacks thread about the difficulty in transition to the pro game, well beyond the physical skills required, of so many college stars.

8) Why would you ask about Eakin, "zenstate", when you already commented on him with reference to him on June 11,
  with regards to him being in the AFL ???

  You already know where he is playing !!!

  As far as Chang is concerned, the last I heard he was up om criminal charges !!!


8) I hope not to me, "zen" !!! :wink:

Yep. It was believed that some opportunity came up that led to him choosing to retire from playing, but now he's in the UFL. Not sure which of those five teams he'll play for though.

It did seem that he needed to be told the following six words when he came up here:

He's with the Las Vegas Locomotives.

Possibly the worst name in Pro-Football.

I just really get a sense of the Big-Head when he's not willing to hold a clip board in front of 30,000 fans in a league with a RICH history but he's willing to hold a clip-board in a league that plays in front of 5,000 fans and has no history and/or credibility, seeing as they play 6 games.

It is of my belief that he feels playing in gasp CANADA gasp is beneath him.

Oh well... Warren Moon, Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia ended up with some pretty decent years in the NFL... guess Chase Clement must be better than those guys! lol

You know in having lived in Las Vegas, if they use the name Las Vegas Locos for short, that would actually be a great and accurate name! :slight_smile:

And geez that high horse below looks like someone crossed successfully a horse with a camel, but of course the photo looks to me digitally altered.

I’ve lived in Vegas as well. Played for the Nevada Gamblers. That was a good, and appropriate, name.

It was altered, the horse is real but in the real photo had Chase on the horse trying to find a parking spot at MAC.

He didn't think he was too good for the CFL when he first signed in the Hammer. That fact combined with some of the info I read back then told me the CFL (and pro ball in gen.) was too hard for him. He seemed really thrown off by the scheme-heavy offense up here. Was quoted saying something like he prefers a balanced ground attack type of O. Said he was going into his family business also which implies that at least then his head was out of football.

I read a couple different articles back then and never got the impression it was a too good for the CFL thing.

^^^^ all I remember is he left to sell used cars or something stupid like that, I can't see it being a balanced offence thing since he played a chuck and duck system in college.

Rice is certainly no powerhouse..