Chase Clement and Max Hall signed

...Let the contest for the number one job begin...I'm leaning a little more towards Clement because of his running ability to, not necessarily be no 1 right away BUT he's sure got a good chance in the future...It'll be nice to see what Hall can do as well...Anyway, It's good to see we're going in a different direction than the ol Brink and Elliott tandem...This could get VERY interesting... :smiley:

Interesting to say the least. One injury prone vet, one inexperienced vet, and 2 CFL newbies who haven't played much in a while. Yes, Clement played last year in the UFL, what there was of it, but that season was what, 4-5 games long? Far cry to expect any of these 4 to last a full 18 game CFL season and be winners.

...Let's say it's a 'new' direction.... Hall probably needs to get his feet wet quickly up here..Clement not so much...Of the two I think he'll be game ready faster... HOWEVER...Goltz has a lot to prove and he has experience... We know what Pierce can do....Will he hang together is the big question mark...Should be a great contest...Looking forward to tc for sure :rockin:

Change needed to be made, at least these guys might have some upside, with Buck at the end of his career, they have to look to the future.

Have to admit, although I really thought Joey was going to be our future, I'm quite ok with both him and Brink being cut.

I like the sounds of these two signings. Definitely not raw rookies, so we'll see how they learn/adapt...

We gotta be right one of these times, right? :wink:

You're way overdue, Kubie, when one thinks of Tee Martin, Casey Bramlett, Stephan LeFors, Elliott, Brink, and no doubt I've missed several from the recent past. ..

as long clement does not quit again.

vid of their bombers workout

...Good video wolverine...I'd say that was an understatement by Hall that he has to get busy and study our game....So many different nuances and one of the biggies is the much wider field.....Both of these guys might find it to their advantage and maybe not....I'm sure they're hard at work trying to adapt their game mentally as well as the physical part....TC should tell us a bit about these guys. :thup:

Here’s hoping!

Consider Joey to be my Stanley Jackson, Madjack… :wink:

Hope to see you when you come for the Stadium Opener…

Tiger posted a link to this rather neat video on the Extra Point:

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Danny White is Max Hall's uncle and was, for many years, the QB of the Dallas Cowboys.