Charting the Championship: Defining moments from the Grey Cup QBs

While I love putting together target charts for every CFL game, I know as well as anyone that each throw has anywhere from 20 to 40 details that a single dot can not express. Target charts are a crude summation of the stories quarterbacks weave throughout a CFL game. This is always true in the Grey Cup, more specifically the 109th Grey Cup as every snap offered bits of information to the keen observer.

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Pretty simple breakdown: In the fourth quarter, one backup went in there and threw a interception. The other backup went in there and scrambled for a first down on a 2nd and 15.

O'Shea outsmarted himself. I guess sometimes, you have to go with Buono's philosophy of just beating the other guy with skill and will versus trickery.

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Kelly - for Toronto - should be a future starter and CFL star
Prukop - for Winnipeg - is a career 3rd stringer.

Kelly should get his chance as a starter.

I am good with Prukop in Winnipeg as long as he doesn’t throw during the playoffs!:crossed_fingers:t2: