Charter Plane for Esks Fans

Only $600 plus GST will get you a charter plane ride to and from Winnipeg .

I'm thinking an old fashioned train ride to the 'peg would be more fun...and think of all the scenery along the way!

Is this sarcastic? Cause you know you have to roll through SASK right? Never been to Manitoba, but I assume it can't be much different :stuck_out_tongue:

Extremely tongue in cheek. Born and raised in Wpg and lived in Edmonton for many years....did that 1300km Hwy 16 drive back and forth too many times. Flat, flat, flat except for 15 minutes of the Qu'Appelle valley....

You really are from Vancouver . Not much scenery from Edmonton to Winnipeg. :lol:

Perhaps he is talking about the scenery on the train. :wink:

There is a historic precedence for Grey Cup trains. Including the 1948 game and this more recent version.

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