Charlton Keith

I noticed Charlton Keith did not play vs the argos. Is he injured, he's not listed on the website has hurt.

he was listed as third on the depth chart for the toronto game, thats why he didnt play.

I heard that he came to camp underweight and now he cant get a good enough push, so they're putting patrick & dickerson in for now until keith bulks up a bit

Yes I, also, heard Obie saying on CHML after the game
that Charlton Keith came into camp underweight, Mike54.

and he wasn't getting good enough push at his D.E. position.

Building lean muscle bulk quickly isn't that easy
but I guess if he stays at D.E. he'll have to do it.

Is he a linebacker candidate?

And folks wonder why players sometimes resort to HGH and steroids. :expressionless: