Charlton Keith

This guy is a keeper. Good pressure on the qb all night, and he came across about 3 times and hit Roberts in the backfield on handoffs going to his opposite side. One small note too. CBC showed the replay of the holding penalty after Caulley’s catch and run down to the two. If that was a holding penalty, then Keith was getting held every time he didn’t blow past the guy trying to guard him.

Yes, the officiating is bush.

Yes, Keith is a great player.

We have some new stars emerging to mesh with the best starters. Keith and Caulley. Here's hoping some other guys on our development roster get into some of the remaining games so they can emerge, too, and show that they can fill some holes next year. In particular, I'd like to see that big American tackle, the new QB, and that LB/DB Lofton play.

Good pickup Marcel!

There was alot of holding going on. Officiating was very inconsistent.

Keith is making a huge impact!

I think that was the best pass rush I've seen from the Ti-Cats all year.

Notice how effective the DBs were because of the pressure?

I've been saying that all year. If you can get pressure on the QB the secondary can do its job. All season long QB's have had too much time to read their 3rd and 4th receivers. We now have bookends!

There was a tatical error coming into camp with the expectation that through some combination of:
Reid, Bekasiak, Dunbrack, McKay-Loescher, Wayne we would be starting 3-4 non-Imports on the D-Line.
The Cats did not recruit well enough looking for Import D-Lineman.
Hodges to me is almost invisable out there.
It is great we got Charlton Keith, but lets move Hodges to the press box and try this new D-Tackle. There is nothing to lose!

Yeah Keith is pretty good. Although he hasn't really played in enough to really get a good evaluation. Plus we are still losing so i think instead of changing the defense which seems to be the only good part they have right now, they need to focus on the offense, get in some new rbacks, or WR, or maybe a new Oline b/c the offensive we have SUCKS! Hodges does a good job, he is the reason that the other 2 DE's can get the sacks they do...but i guess people who know nothing about football would not know that...[/b]