Charlton Keith will he lead the league in sacks

Charlton keith #55
i think this guy is going to be a big help on our D
how many sacks you think he could get ?

I think Keith is much better against the run than the pass .

5 at the most. He showed flashed in 1.5 games and we are ready to annoint this guy the second coming of Joe Montford.

I like Keith but you can't base a season on what he did in 6 or 7 games for us. Besides a handful of plays, he was average at best.

He should get 10 sacks, which is an average season for an end. No way he only gets 5 considering he had 4 in 6 games last year.

I won't annoint him as the next Mumford, but he could be the next Cheatwood.

He may not make the team
There alot new players on the DL Gunning for his Job.

But was it 3 or 4 in his first game?

If he makes the team i can see him getting 10-15.

The majority of the sacks will and should come from the Rush End position and last year and hopefully this season will be MaCkay-Loescher.

He did a good job last year comsidering it was his first season as a starter in the CFL . keith will get some sacks as well , especially if Loescher does his job and draws alot of double teams . But keith will be most responsible for conatainment IMO , keeping the QBs in the pocket is just as important if not more imnportant, than getting sacks .

If QBs get outside that spells trouble , That is exactly what Printers brings to our team , the threat of getting outside the containment .

I believe that if Creehan's M.O. remains true, we will see more sacks if there is synergy between an improved secondary and a more aggressive approach with the front seven. McKay and Keith might fit the bill on the edges (McKay IS a beast)...sending Moreno on more Zeke And Destroy blitzes won't hurt, either. :wink:

We need more pocket pressure from the interior of the line to ensure that efforts to double-team McKay come to grief. Even a granite-like Philbrick-style jam up play after play against the center and guards will open up blitzes and stunts from the DEs. All too often we have seen teams neutralize our best rush ends since prime-Montford days when nothing short of a baseball bat would stop Joe! LOL

Scheme has a lot to do with success in this league. In lieu of a lockdown secondary, it's imperative that our hurries and sacks are in the top-half of the league for the Cats to compete for a postseason berth.

Oski Wee Wee,

In retrospect, I think a lot of people underappreciated what a great job Mike Philbrick did at the DT spot while he was playing for the Cats. He was a 3-time allstar and while I thought he was good player I still underappreciated the work he did in the trenches.

Just looked up Keith's game by game stats on the Ticats website:

[url=] ... &year=2007[/url]

Sep 15 - 4 TKL
Sep 21 - 2 TKL, 2 SCK, 2 FR
Sep 29 - 4 TKL
Oct 8 - 3 TKL, 1 SCK
Oct 14 - 2 TKL
Oct 21 - 4 TKL, 1 SCK
Oct 26 - 2 TKL
Nov 3 - 3 TKL

Not bad if you ask me, considering he came in halfway through the year. This is a guy who wasn't at training camp, didn't know a lot about the defense being run, but still came in and contributed (he's a big contributor to the Calgary win). And Obie is very impressed with him, which is a glowing recommendation from a guy who knows talent.

Keith and McKay will only be as effective as the two DT's they play alongside.