Charlton Keith to OLB

Gordon is a much better Cornerback than people are giving him credit for. He had a bad game but still held his own is some ways. You could see from watching the game on TV that he had Watkins respect out there. I saw them give each other props a few times.

He will be fine..

After watching the video, it seems that if Gordon could have kept his feet on that TD play, he may have had a pick. It was a poorly under-thrown ball and, until he tripped, Gordon was in perfect position. We may have been having a different discussion about him if he had picked that ball.
I think the criticism of the defense is over blown. The defense was on field all night. If you take away 20% of the Argos time of possesion you likely take away 20% of thier points. 30 -20% equals hmmm 24.. Thats not too terrible. If we can't score more than 10 it won't matter anyway.

They were on the field all night because they couldn't get a stop. So they are as much to blame as the offence that took a full quarter to get going.

Too much negativity. Maybe, just maybe, the opener turned out the way it did NOT because the Cats are that bad, but because Montreal is that good?

As in, stop blaming the Cats and instead give Montreal some credit.

Beat Toronto tonight and that will prove my point. Lose to them and okay, then maybe they are that bad...........hope not, I'm still calling for the upset tonight.

Put on 15-20 LBs?
Are you kidding me? And then he will get leg cramps and soreness like Bauman, when he put on 15 LBS, and can't play?
No thanks...

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I fully agree, Eagle.

Mariuz would be a worse player with more weight. He is only 3 inches taller than Armour was and is 5 pounds heavier. He is only 1 pound lighter than Lumsden and only 1 inch taller. How can you possibly think he is too small? He is the perfect size for a WILL LB.