Charlies System

We all like Coach Taaffe but his offence is not fooling anybody. The TiCats seem to be the only ones confused. Maybe time to change it?

well the offence was supposed to be very complex and we would have new plays inserted every week

i am starting to think it is too complicated for our players since we can barely get a first down

Do you think the CFL will give us 2 more preseason games so we can implement a completely new offensive system??
Maybe you can email Mark Cohon on our behalf and plead your case. Seriously it's not as cut and dried as "changing the system", this isn't a toilet paper roll.. altho these 2 first games have gone the way of the

Give it time (and and O-Line and some decent receivers other than Ralph).

Also, they were playing the best D in the league...

well no matter wat defence ur playing u should still score more then 5 points

We didn't score 5 points, we scored 3. The blue team gave up 2 points conceding a safety...

Hate the system now, but when it starts to come around dont get on board!

It will work and this ticat team will be knocking heads..