Charlie's "Presser"

Nothing! :roll:

Anyone else get it?

Do you mean, “Can you play the clip?”
“Do you understand his coaching philosophy?”

For me the answer is ‘yes’ to the first and ‘no’ to the second. :slight_smile:

Did Charlie give his entire game plan away to the Argo's as he always does before a game?

LMAO...Good One! :thup:

The truth of the matter is that the "presser" started late...and I only got to the point where Charlie said we have to act like a "fire drill" and then the screen went dead!(about 20 minutes in)

Was that it?

I'm not coming to this game. I'm not going to miss work and fight 162ks of rush-hour traffic tomorrow night! (what idiot thinks Thursday night games at 7:00 are a good thing)

I'll stay home and watch it on TV.

4 season tickets and I'll be lucky to get to half the games this year because of scheduling and the fact that when we do get there it's not a Fun Night Out any more.


No kidding Charlie..."We Have To Get Better"!

can I watch the presser online later? did he really say act like its a fire drill? If thats what it takes for the boys to have fun then i am all for it. zzzz

Whoa. Tough crowd.

Your typical pre-game media conference. Some interesting insight. I liked it. No big deal.

Let's hope the Black & Gold team are well prepared for the pink team.

So we go from having some fun last week to fire drill this week and every game is a playoff game... What do you think he will say next week!! Wait i know instead of game films he can play that Knute Rockney move from the 40`s... And use that line WIN ONE FOR THE GIPPER! That will get them motivated!

I don't see naything wrong with what he's saying.

What do you expect him to say?

I expect him to say that he has finally figured out a game plan his team buys into and is capable of executing.

I'm afraid though that this will not happen as long as Charlie is here.

Next week it will just go out and take it one series at a time, you cant win the game in one play, you cant make the playoffs in one game etc. We may hear all the cliches this year from charlie.