I say keep him on and replace the OC and DC. I know his fate is now in the hands of the new GM but he was handed a mess to deal with this season.
Do you think he could accept staying on if the new GM comes up with 2 new assistants for him?

I really wish coach Sal would come back again to coach the O-line. The current line coach seems to have a good grasp on run blocking but our pass blocking really needs work.

When Sal came back last year our pass blocking improved immediately.

Mr62Cats, Charlie was the O.C.,
or at least usurped his power
midway through the season.

I am sure he would let his friend
Ed O'Neil the D.C. step aside
for his own health, if nothing else.

My question is Charlie okay
with overseeing his staff

and bringing in a new
Offensive co-ordinator?

ron: As I posted a couple of weeks ago..Charlie is a bit of a puzzle. On the one hand he has the experience and some results to show over the years he has coached ...but on the other he hired two people who clearly were not qualified for their jobs. Marcel went along with it, putting his faith in Charlie's judgement.
So which part of Charlie do we end up with if he is kept on? Also...does his system work in the CFL? And why did he try it with so many rookies on the team?
And would Charlie want to work for the new GM? Would he be OK with having new assistants dropped in his lap?
I kinda like the way Charlie talks the talk but sometimes wonder if all of the change that has gone on since Marcel took over has been too much for him and took away from his coaching abilities this year.
I guess I'll have to leave that judgement up to the more experienced football minds like Mike McCarthy or whoever.
If not Charlie, then who? A young aggressive up and comer would be the way to go but that kind of a decision would be a huge gamble that I don't think a new GM would want to risk.
I'll bet the phones lines out of the Tiger Cats office are burning up right about now.

Charlie was handcuffed when it came to hiring assistants because he was hired so late. I think it was a catch 22 where you are rebuilding so you want to give assistants a chance but don't have the time to hire quality.

Zenstate as for the O line coach, i think our pass prtection came down to inexperience. Run blocking exceled as he year went on. I think the oline will be fine next year with the young guys getting the trial by fire they got.