Charlie Watts Dead

Just found out. One of my fav musicians.
RIP Charlie, you were the glue for the Stones.

Another legendary musician gone.

RIP Charlie Watts. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

RIP Charlie. A jazz drummer turned rock drummer. A legend.

Sad day for me, first saw them in 1969
Have always been a huge fan
Mick and Keith were always at the front and center
Charlie was the engine that drove that show!


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That should be the end of RS I'm afraid. Great great drummer. Not to be replaced.

3 tours consecutive tours cancelled. Micks heart, Covid, Charlies death.

Oh no!!! I was so hoping that the three originals plus the "new" guy Ron Wood would make it to 1 January 2023 for a proper 60th anniversary concert commemorating their first performance with all five originals at the Station Hotel in Richmond. And after the death in the past week of two more hockey players whose memories I treasure, Tony Esposito and Rod Gilbert.


Where? At the Olympia? I would have loved to have been there but I was a bit too young to find a way to get to Detroit and back by myself on a week night.


Ya, it was one thing when they moved on from Wyman, but there is no replacing Watts.

The only semi-suitable replacement would be another old Brit from their generation. I thought of Mick Fleetwood and Mick Avory the latter of whom actually played with Mick, Keith, Brian, Ian Stewart and Dick Taylor in 1962. Then The WOMAN suggested that the only living drummer with enough of a résumé and the gravitas to fill in for Charlie Watts on a tour with the Stones would be Ringo Starr. Well maybe, maybe. I imagine that Ringo's played the drum parts to all the songs that the Stones would perform on tour dozens and dozens of times in his mind as well as on the dashboard.


So uh....

Keith is the healthy one

I think Keith is already mummified.

I was saddened to hear the passing of Charlie Watts. I always loved his dead pan look playing the skins.

You know when you are a legend when you are referenced in a John Hiatt song "Slow Turning" and later covered by Glen Suitor's man crush, Keith Urban.

I guess Robert Kraft doesn't get the Stones to play at his birthday party. Boo Hoo.

Say hello to Neil Peart in the musical studio of Heaven.

Rest In Peace Charlie

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Yes, it was at the Olympia
BB King opened for them

How about a tribute to Charlie with Ringo on drums, and Paul McCartney on bass? That would be a geriatric line up to remember!

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Yes, the thought of Paul McCartney stepping in to play bass with the Stones on a concert tour is a thought that crossed my mind for the first time well over 20 years ago!


They could call themselves " The BeatBones "

Just imagine going to see a band play where their youngest guy is only 74 yrs old .

LADIES AND GENTLEMAN !!! THE BEATBONES :musical_note: :clap: :musical_note: :guitar: :musical_note: :drum: :musical_note: :microphone:

On vocals.............Mick Jagger...............age 77
On bass...............Paul McCartney.........age 79
On guitar............Keith Richards...........age 77
On guitar...........Ronnie Woods...........age 74
On drums..........Ringo Starr.................age 81

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Rock music fans of every stripe would love it! The Beatbones would sell hundreds of thousands of tickets to any venue in which they chose to play. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Paul McCartney would simply have to overcome their ego problems to make it work.

Ringo Starr would have no problem going along. And why not? He likes to play the drums.


This two page feature ran in "Big Daddy" Roth magazine in 1964:

As you can see, it was the right query but Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and artist Alexander Toth got the band wrong. Twas the Stones that lasted another 57 years!


R.I.P. Charlie Watts (2 June 1941 - 24 August 2021)

Born in London, England, Charlie Watts learned to drum by playing along to jazz records. In 1961 he joined Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated which performed regularly in London's rhythm & blues clubs. As such he was already a well established and highly regarded drummer when he first met aspiring young rhythm & blues musicians Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Dick Taylor in mid-1962 who had no drummer of their own. Charlie Watts was of course not interested in joining their ragtag ensemble which didn't even have a name yet. He must though have seen some potential in Brian Jones and the others because he did eventually consent to join their group which by then was called the Rolling Stones. It's been widely reported that Jones, Jagger, Richards, Stewart, bassist Bill Wyman (who had joined in early December replacing Dick Taylor who'd gone back to school) and Watts played their first gig together on 1 January 1963 at the Station Hotel in the London suburb of Richmond. Wikipedia though states that Watts didn't agree to join the Stones until February. Nonetheless the rest is history. With the Stones Charlie went from this:

To this:

And finally to this:

When it came to drumming, Charlie Watts was a minimalist. As such he was an efficiency expert and drummed with an economy of motion unlike some well known contemporaries (e.g. Keith Moon who flailed away most energetically). He also suffered from no compulsion to habitually hit his drums as hard as he could unlike some other famous drummers (e.g. John Bonham). Neither was he compelled to set himself up behind as much of an array of drums as would fit on stage to show off his mastery of the art as do so many modern drummers (e.g. Neil Peart, Terry Bozzio, Phil Collins). He brought along only and precisely those drums and cymbals he needed to keep the beat for the set that his band was going to play.

And that's exactly what he did. He kept the beat for the World's Greatest Rock & Roll Band for more than 58 years. He knew what to play to bring out the best in each Stones' tune and more importantly he knew what NOT to play. Charlie Watts was integral to the sound of the Stones and there's no way they would have sounded as good without the way in which he laid down the beat.

Here was Charlie Watts circa 1966:

And fairly recently:

Whether the Stones can continue without him is in doubt. R.I.P Charlie.



I just can't see the Stones continuing in the same way. I think maybe the remaining 3 could do a limited concert made for the screen to say goodbye as a group. Maybe an imax thing. But I just don't think a new drummer is the way to go and the fact remains the health seems to be declining in the guys.

Nice tribute by BalticFox. That must have taken quite a while to find all the videos, articles and pics. Well done.

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