Charlie Taffey on fan 590

Charlie Taffey is going to be on Prime time sports with Jim Kelley today, Jim kelley keeps refering to him as charlie taffey, I hope someone corrects him unless its pronunciation has been changed.

8) What do you expect from those so called "sports experts" on the Fan590 !!!
I heard one of the "female" reporters on that station yesterday refer to "Wrigley Field" as "Wrigley Stadium" in Chicago !!!  What a moron!!!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

AS jim kelly just announced charlie taffe will be on next he didnt say taffey if you listen or hear what you want to hear

did you listen since 4 pm? when he kept announcing him as taffey? until deacon came in and then he started just now getting it right? Dont be so quick to jump on someone when its YOU is clued out.

have had the station on since 530 this morning and i might have missed his opening but since this has been mr kellys 2nd day hosting the show hes usually a co host dont be so easy to jump his throat either

I jumped all over him didnt I? I said he was calling him taffey (which he was, repeatedly) and asked if they would correct him(which they must have cus he introduced him correctly) or if the pronunciation had changed. I really jumped down his throat.

sorry beetle my rant wasnt so much directed to you as to the other post and posters on this site

Thanks, and sorry also.

8) I believe you "Beetlejuice" !!! You are right, some people are just clued OUT !!!!! :roll:

Speaking of "clued-out"
The announcer, Jim Kelly, is an american who's speciality is hockey and was filling in for the regular host so his mispronunciation was an honest mistake.

Taaffe said the defense thanks, to Creehan, is "way ahead" of the same point last year and receiving is a "work in progress".

He also laughed at the people who wanted to "run him out of town" after week one.

Just in case people jump all over Zontar's line below:

Taaffe was asked about the mood in Hamilton after the win last week, and he made some lighthearted remarks about how there is no middle ground in the fan response in Hamilton: it is either extreme highs or extreme lows.

He contrasted the positive response this past week to the calls to "run him out of town" the previous week.

He is a regular co-host and talks cfl all the time with bob and company. Its not a big deal but he should get names right. wheres dominic hasek when you need him? LOL.

I found Charlie's clumsy ticket pitch a bit funny - good thing he's not in the marketing department.

On the pendulous mood swings of the fan base, my comment to Charlie would be: give us a few consecutive years of winning as often as we're losing and I think you'll see we're almost levelheaded and mostly sane. :wink:

I wonder whether Mike Kerrigan would agree. :wink:

Mike Kerrigan - ah, the good old days. :lol:

anybody know kerrigans all time wins and losses? (not counting the argo years, grrrr).

He retired after the 1996 season, leaving as the all-time leading passer in Tiger-Cat history at the time of his retirement.

Mike is happily married and is currently living in North Carolina with his wife and seven children.

Stats With Hamilton
Mike Kerrigan 2,393 Att. 1,274 Complete
53.2% Passer
17,761 Yards
115 TD's
139 INT's
all in 9 Seasons with Hamilton

thought he went to the argos for a few seasons

Yes, he did. But let's not hold that against him. After all, he brought us the 86 Grey Cup. Or was that Ken Hobart?

No Kenny was the Back up.

Mike was the Starter