Charlie Taffe...almost a 'done deal'

Ken Peters, The Hamilton Spectator

[Cats close in on new coach]

How many of you are relieved now that Bob Young
and Marcel Desjardin will be meeting with Charlie Taafe
regarding the position of Ticat Head Coach next week?

I am. He has been my top choice all along.

And I would like him to be our O.C.
and QB coach like he was in Montreal.

Any suggestions on candidates to be
our receivers and O-line coaches?

I think this is going to happen within the next week. I am not surprised that he chose Hamilton. He's a great man for the job!

I think i mentioned his name back when Marshall went 0-4. It would be a breath of fresh air.

I’d also like to see Taaffe be the HC and OC, Ron.

Hopefully Taaffe picks assistants who are no-nonsense, just like him. Time to disband the “let’s mail it in and still pick up a paycheck” Ticat country club.

Gotta give credit where credit is due... You are certainly the one who dug up this name and pushed for made me a fan of him! :thup:

Let's hope he is able to get involved here in Hamilton and turns this team into a winner! :thup:

He has the best credentials of who is available!

HC- Taaffe?
OC- Strasser?
GM- Desjardins

hmm...looks like the ticats might be becoming the Als...and thats not such a bad thing, considering all the grey cups the Als have been in lately.

Let's Hope things don't Fall Threw.
Let hope they make a Deal Quick
We have a Team to build..
a Future to Plan.

How about George Cortez as Offensive Line coach?

He has 14 seasons experience in the CFL -

before his one year with Sakatchewan
he spent eight years with Calgary,
two in Ottawa and four with Montreal.

Heck we could give him assistant O.C. duties

He was the offensive coordinator and QB coach
at the University of California for 5 years
before he came back to the CFL at Saskatchewan.

During his eight seasons in Calgary,
he designed successful offences

and is credited with developing
quarterbacks Dave Dickenson,
Jeff Garcia and Henry Burris.

Does anyone else wonder why this negotiation is happening in the paper? If Taafe is the best candidate, and wants to come, why is anyone talking to the press before the deal is done? Sounds like his upcoming chat with Young will be about dollars (perhaps for a crew of assistants as much as for himself), and that will be the deciding factor. Nothing wrong or surprising about that -- but why is this in the press? There are times when I wish the team would simply keep this stuff under wraps.

Or I am just grumpy?

When teams have a vacancy at Head Coach HA1912GCC
most fans want to find out what is going on.

That's why the press hounds them for information.

If the Ticats didn't give them information
so they can keep Tiger Cat fans up-to-date
most of us fans would not be happy campers.

We would be grumpy.

It is better that it is you who is grumpy. HA..
rather than the majority of Ticat fans. :smiley:

Ron, I like the idea of Cortez being hired as offensive line coach/assistant offensive coordinator. If the Cats offered him the pay raise that this dual portfolio would require, we may be able to convince him to leave the Riders. Cortez is being underutilized there. He is capable of much more than just coaching an O-Line.

From What ...
I been seening in the Press.
all the Asst Coaches in Ridervile are Unemployed as of Right now..
Frankly Let just get Charley hired then Worry about who He Brings in Later..

1 Step at time will get us to where we want to go.
That's a Home playoff Game IMO..

Relieved? No. Encouraged? Yes.

I won't be relieved until he is signed.

Why should this be secret? I don't get where you're coming from.

I'd think Desjardins knows what he's doing.

Maybe I don't know where I'm going with this.

Sure, the team wants PR right now and the Spec needs content. And let's grant that Desjardins knows what he's doing. Presumably he wouldn't speak to the paper unless he was certain the deal was done. If that's the case, then maybe the announcement of Popp as HC in Montreal is tied to this story's release today -- the Ticats couldn't say anything concrete until Taafe had rejected Montreal's offer (assuming he received one). Maybe it also explains the mixed reports that came out earlier in the week -- the Spec jumped the gun before the Ticats were certain Taafe had rejected the Alouettes. All conjecture, I know. But, while this kind of discussion is fun for us, and the bread and butter of sport reporters, the scenario I've just painted could make the team appear indecisive or overly dependent on the decisions of other teams. I'd prefer the team hold a whizz-bang news conference to present a new coach and his new plan, rather than have info and rumours leaked over a few weeks.

Long story short: grumpy. Mea culpa.

" I'd prefer the team hold a whizz-bang news conference to present a new coach and his new plan, rather than have info and rumours leaked over a few weeks."

Ken Peters' story contains direct quotes from Charlie Taaffe himself.
Now we all have a better idea of where things stand. No rumours. There is also information that he may be talking to a US college team too.
So now we wait until the meeting this coming week with Bob Young and Marcel Desjardins. Then we'll see what happens.
This is football fer cryin out loud! Not plans for an atomic bomb. Charlie is a big boy. He knows what he is saying. Are you suggesting he is wrong for laying out where he stands? These are the questions reporters are supposed to ask. It boggles my mind that you would prefer all this be kept secret. :roll:

Fair enough. As I posted above, mea culpa.

Thanks for being gracious after my mini-rant. I too just want all of this surmising out of the way so we can get on with planning for next season. Taaffe, Marshall (the other), Chapdelaine....I think each one could provide us with a team that would play consistently well again. Its been a while.

Well the more I read up on him I am starting to change my tune on his abilities :wink: I think I can give them my support and my hard earned $ for next season.

Charlie was ready to sign until Army told him that Bobby Ross might retire. The Hamilton job pays $350K Canadian. Army pays $900k with a free house on post. He owes it to his family to buy a little time. He has never been to meet Young or see the facilities. It is hard to get players from US colleges like the Taj Mahal to play here and play hard (think Kwame Cavil @ Texas).

He is good friends with Winnipeg qb coach Mike Working and Steve Burrato. Look for him to try to bring them and make a play for Greg Marshall like Doug berry did after edging Marshall out.

IMO I don't think Taaffe would be a great coach for the Tiger-Cats. Sure he was coach of the year in 1999 and 2000 for Montreal. But if memory serves me correctly, he inherited a team that was already talented and a Grey Cup contender. That is not saying too much in terms of re-building a football franchise which has to be done here in Hamilton.

Reading his football bio, he does not seem to want to stay in the same place for an extended period of time. If this is the case, then we could be looking for another head coach in 2 years time.

However takes over the head coaching duties, I think it is going to be another long season here in Steeltown.

Just my two cents.