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Re: Montreal HC
"Toronto offensive co-ordinator Steve Buratto and ex-Alouettes coach Charlie Taaffe, whose future is uncertain as Hamilton's head coach, are the leading candidates."

Nonsense. The Als have interviewed Marshall, Hall, Buratto, Jones, Bellefeuille, Price, Higgins. They have NOT interviewed Taaffe (they can't) so how can he possibly be a "leading candidate"? Methinks the Leader-Post writer had a few too many.......

He can because Jim Popp HIRED him before LMAO.
In other words, known commodity who left on good terms before, with two Coach of the Year awards and a Grey Cup appearance in tow.


Herb Zurkowsky of The Gazette has reported Taaffe's status in the Montreal race for some time. He's not smoking anything, nor is Robert Wetenhall to my knowledge :slight_smile: .

Depends if that shoe drops. Some on the site are strongly indicating he's being retained here. Interesting announcement to come, I am sure.

Oski Wee Wee,

You missed the boat on this oneā€¦

Hamilton denied Mtl permission to even talk to Taaffe so how can he be the front runner?

To those who questioned what I wrote:

I rest my case. Taaffe is not and was not a "leading candidate".

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All your article proves is that Taaffe was retained.

The Als would not publicly woo Taaffe while he remains under contract with the Cats because that would constitute tampering, pure and simple.

To suggest that a) Taaffe would not consider the Als as a logical Plan B had he been fired and b) that his Als history with Popp and Wetenhall would not place him in the thick of the Als head coaching race in the event the Cats cut him loose is ludicrous.

RDS, TSN, Sportsnet, CFCF (CTV) -- all have carried reports that Taaffe was a candidate for the Als job (informally from the ALS perspective) with that one OBVIOUS technicality: his Cats contract.

One does not have to hear the president of the interested club publicly ruminating on how nice it would be to back a guy into the fold without it being widely speculated that that individual is a candidate, even a leading one.

Case study: how Nick Saban wound up going from Miami to Alabama. What behind-the-scenes contact between the Crimson Tide and Saban occurred while he was still under contract is a matter of speculation (because of tampering issues), but it was an open secret re the media machine fuelling the story. Saban's cachet with his LSU success clearly put him on Bama's radar.

The Als? Slightly different, in that Popp has a history with Charlie that was successful. Less what ifs to ponder.

Now that Obie has moved on retaining Charlie, I expect the Als will move decisively on their hire. Funny how that timing works, but I digress. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

If they wanted him so badly like you say then why didn't they hire him last year when he went sniffing around for his old job? Do you think anyone is impressed by the job he did here?

Bottom line was that he was (and is) under contract, Hamilton never gave Montreal permission to speak to him, and there is no indication that Montreal even asked.

That, to me, means that he was never a "leading candidate."

Montreal liked Charie and felt he had talent but Hamilton as an organization dragged him down something other teams felt by taking our players and having success with them sorry to say.

Popp wanted to coach. That simple.

No the word "impressive" and 3-15 do not mix, but since when does logic play into coaching hires? It's where you find it.

Or assistant GM hires:

Popp to Marcel: Hey Bozo, need your job back?

:D :D :D

One's past relationships often dictate hires re coaches and GMs, not logic. See John Huard in Toronto, Forrest Gregg as GM in Glieberland, Frank Fateri in Calgary...I'm just getting started. LOL

The flip side is that you will be second guessed until the end of time hiring someone with a crappy coaching record and it doesn't pan out. Nonetheless, that Kraft fellow looks pretty smart in bringing aboard that crappy Browns coach from years ago...what's his name...oh yeah, Belichick!

Oski Wee Wee,