Charlie Taaffe to coach Ti-Cats

As has been pointed at the Ti-Cats' forum, the CFL home page is carrying a story by the Montreal Gazette that Charilie Taaffe will be named head coach of the Ti-Cats. News conference tommorrow.

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Good. That means the Bombers are more than likely going to be able to hold onto Greg Marshall as our defensive coordinator.

Good for the Cats too though. Hopefully this is the first step towards turning around their horrible seasons recently.

NICE...i may actually see the ticats challenge for a playoff spot this year...will make attending thier games alot more fun.

IMO the TiCats can only benefit from a new direction. Last season they played inspired football at times(see Edmonton games) and at times seemed to lack motivation. I have always had difficulty understanding how professional athletes can lack motivation but that is something for another topic.

Good luck TiCats and hopefully the best fans in Eastern Canada will enjoy a season which they so richly deserve.

I just want the Ti-Cats to kick the Argos' ass.