charlie taaffe on primetime

ticat hc charlie taaffe will be on primetime fan 590 tonight

What Time is it on?

he will be on between 6 and 7 pm

Thanks! :wink: :thup:

Wow, Taaffe on between 6 and 7? I figured he got bumped since he wasnt on before 6.

Who is on right now? muted..

alos on rogers sportsnet east now and replayed on rogers sportsnet ontario at 1130pm

Was he on already?


(finally got my #%&*#% comp. speakers working!)

not yet should be on around 645 if you can still get radio broadcast


Great thanks!

hes on now

No Printers, no Lumsden, no Miles. (He didn't come out and say it but he might as well have.)

Good interview, but he didn't once mention the offensive line as a problem for Printers.

TSN reports Printers practiced today and is day to day.

charlie didnt sound too positive about lumsden playing but he at least didnt rule it out yet.