Charlie Taaffe on Fan 590

The coach will join me tomorrow at 10:40 on the Fan 590. Feel free to give it a listen!

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Thanks Mike Will Tune in

I'd like to hear Charlie's take on how he thinks the league's defenses have changed since he was with Montreal before. How does he plan on attacking the current defenses, and does he see the TE position coming back.
George Cortez mentioned last year he noticed a change is the defensive schemes when he came back. The DC's seem to be going to a prevent defense now.

Ask charlie tonight on the webchat.

yeah and tell him to sign Ray Thomas.

Cheers! So to speak!


Great! Thanks for the heads up Hogie!

Any chance he'll take questions via phone calls or email?

Ill be asking rocky some questions tonight


This thread is about Charlie Taaffe on the fan590.

Charlie didn't tip his hand too much on what kind of an offense he's going to run. Maybe he's is waiting to see what his has to work with first.
I think teams may be looking for a receiver in the 6'3 230 range with 4.6 speed who can double as a TE on running plays. A Ray Elgaard or Jason Claremont type could become a valuable player in the league right now IMO.
I think Hamilton made a good choice in Charlie Taaffe, sounds like a guy the players would want to run through a wall for. His past record shows he knows how to win.
I'm starting to get worried about Hamilton for the first time in several years. :slight_smile:

A 6-3, 230 receiver who runs a 4.6 - gee, you're not asking too much :wink: Agreed that the big target inside receiver can be quite a force in the CFL, but I really don't see evidence of many CFL teams employing those kind of receivers these days - Clermont is one for sure; Stala had a 1000 yd. season but ended up getting sit down by the Als last year; Fantuz started to emerge as a very good one for the Riders last year; another Pitts, Dipietro or Elgaard type could be great for a CFL offence, but a team has to want that style of receiver for their offence and a lot of CFL teams want faster smaller slots who are the prime receivers in typical CFL offences now; maybe Taafe will be a bit different and plan his offence around having a big slot who can also play some TE, but I'll believe it when i see it. From a list of CFL Combine invitees for this year - there are a number of quite big receivers who will be up for the draft - Chris Bauman (leading CIS receiver) at 6-5, 215 and Greg Hetherington (McGill) - another CIS all-star at slotback is 6-5, 210; Jabari Arthur - still a year left of US college ball at Akron is another big target receiver at 6-4, 224. So the Ticats, positioned well in the draft, should be able to pick one of these style receivers if they do value them - we'll see. The Ticats also have signed Ivan Birungi who goes at 6-4, 220 - played at WR in CIS ball so would have to adapt to slotback (as Fantuz did), but another of those size receivers you're talking about - we'll see where he lines up in TC.

where did you find a list of this years CFL combine invitees???

At the site - don't know if it's an official list though.

And we have Hamilton's own Ray Thomas
busting his but physically to come back.

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Charlie talked a bit about changes
in the way the CFL game has changed
since he left here 6 years ago.

Then, the bitzing team's DBs
were in man to man coverage

and receivers could break tackles
and sometimes go all the way for TDs.

Now 4 DBs sit back in a zone
and help each other on tackles
reducing the # of big plays.

He noted that the use of Tight Ends
has also increased since that time.

He seemed to agree with a caller's suggestion
that tight ends could be used more as receivers
to go gain an advatage over the smaller LBs.

I did talk about Ray Thomas
to Both our new Coach and GM
Frankly they did not seem to In to him and his chances for come back.

I may have Read them Wrong but I don't think I did.

As receivers? I missed that part. I assumed they were talking about using them as run blockers since the defensive emphasis has been on the deep ball lately.

Either way, I’d love to see a return of the tightend position.

Loved the latter portion of the interview in which Hogie and Charlie talked X’s and O’s. Interesting stuff Mike. Wished he was on longer.

IMO most teams who use a TE set do so with an extra O lineman.

I`m all for the Tiger Cats getting BIG recievers as we have had the smaller versions for years now and it just doesnt work these days .

I think its safe to assume that they are not going to say one way or another what their plans are for Ray Thomas untill he clears his medical.