Charlie Taaffe Next Coach !!!!

8) According to Steve Milton in this mornings Spectator, the strong rumour is that Taaffe will in all likelihood be coming here next year to take over the head coaching position !!! Taaffe has admitted to talks with Rob Katz regarding the job, and Katz has confirmed that Taaffe is a strong candidate !!!

Taaffe has been quoted as saying that he would love to come to Hamilton next year to take over the HC position !!!

I would put $$$$ on this happening !!!

didn’t he recently sign with the u.of pittsburgh as their O.C.??

8) Taaffe is currently interim Off. Consultant at Pitt. He says he would honour his contract in Pitt., but he would be free to come to Hamilton at the end of this season !!!!!

Sounds pretty promising to me, and when you read between the lines, it sounds like a done deal !!!!!!!!

thanks tipper
good to hear!..lets hope management doesn't screw it up!

That would be bad news unless he will also serve as GM. The GM needs to make the coaching choice.

Maybe the next Gm made him his choice.

What about interviewing Tom Clements if he wants the job? Wasn't he recently released as the Bills' qb coach?
Oops, just noticed a whole thread on TC. My bad!

TC - could go well here.

8) The Cats have been burned once and twice shy !!! They would never hire a head coach again that has no CFL coaching experience !!! He would also have to have a winning record in his portfolio !!!!

Well Tipper, your criteria will really limit the number of available candidates which cuts down on some possible excellent candidates.

8) Yes Earl, that may be true, but when a coach like Charlie Taaffe who has a proven track record and a winning one is available, you better act fast !! Don't forget, there may be another CFL team looking for a new coach for next year also !!! Those who hesitate..... Lose !!!! Taaffe's main forte is Offence, something I think we would all agree on is very important for this TiCat team !!!!

True enough Tipper. I wonder if we snoozed with Eric Tillman?

Marcel Desjardin's hire makes a Taaffe hire in 2007 easier to happen, IMHO.

If Katz snoozed through it, it kept him fresh for clinching the deal with Marcel. :wink:

Maybe fans do have a clue what they are talking about re: Taaffe :slight_smile:

The glass is suddenly starting to look half full.

Well, Crash, you were in the vanguard raising his candidacy... :wink:

Desjardins/Taaffe would be dynamite.

Katz will be COO -- handling the business side of the operation as he was hired originally to do.

I'll put up with Lancaster for the rest of the year if it means we get Taffe for next year. This new GM sounds promising. I just hope everyone lets him run the team and there is no outside interference.

I guess they like the experience of Taffe. I think Kevin Strasser would have been a better choice. Maybe the Als said you can have 1 of our guys but not two.