Charlie Taaffe has passed away

RIP Coach Taaffe


Set up to fail. Damaged goods QB. Golf tournament organizer for GM. Scouting and football ops consisted of his old rolodex from Maryland. Could have been something. We’ll never know.


Won Coach of the Year twice in Montreal but didn’t have much to work with in Hamilton. :frowning:

Mea culpa. Rob Katz predated Taaffe by a year. Taaffe era coincided with the hiring of Marcel "WRs are a dime a dozen" Desjardins.

He was asked to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. He was doomed to fail. My condolences to the family and his friends.

Well said, that was the era where we had a bunch of players but not a coordinated team. The caretaker couldn't find anyone who could put a team together from scratch.
May Taaffe RIP.


  1. Coach Taaffe was a true professional in all his dealings here as a HC in regards to how he handled
    himself with the media and interviews !!

I personally met the man on several occasions, and he conducted himself like a real gentleman
each time !! Had quite a few laughs with him and with our former kicker, Nick Setta.

RIP Coach.

Well said Tipper . May the road rise up to meet him and may the wind be always at his back.

RIP Charlie Taafe.

One of my favourite photo’s. Charlie is on the left, my grandson in the middle and my favourite player of all time on the right. I took at after a practice at IWS:

Dawson with Ron Lancaster.jpg

I never met him, but in media, he came across as a good guy. RIP.