Charlie Taaffe, brought him to Hamilton!

It was one of the most prolific searches for a new head coach. No stone went unturned. The Club would seek out the best from all leagues in football. The costs must have been astronomical. The interview list was vast, coaches from far and away were clamoring to be considered as a candidate for the vacant head coach position with the brilliant tiger cats.

In reality, the depth of the organization is so deep that most knowledgeable posters on this sight knew who the new coach would be as soon as the mighty Marcel joined the team.

A sad commentary on the "new" tiger-cats.

The Ticats don't have to be "new".

They just have to be "better".

I'd settle for that, and if Taaffe turns out to be 'the man', I don't care how "old: he is.

huh...what is this???

It meens who will replace Taaffe if the Ticats start 2007 0&4 :cowboy:

Au contraire, mon ami, jakethesnake.

In reality, the depth of PROVEN CFL HEAD COACHES
is so shallow SOME knowledgeable posters knew

as early as when Rob Katz began searching.

Marcel came on board and did 'due diligence'
on many fall back candidates, in case he chose
his former team, the Montreal Alouettes over us.

Fortunately Marcel succeeded in securing Charlie
as our Coach to the delight of most savvy Ticat fans.

I couldn't agree more. With Marcel becoming the new general manager and the list of qualifications sought out by the Caretaker and Marcel, it wasn't overly hard to deduce.

I think most would agree that Charlie Taaffe has a pretty solid pedigree as a head coach and a sound offensive mind.

And I think that Hamilton was a perfect choice for him. I don't believe he would have returned to the CFL coaching ranks without the right set of circumstances. And with his familiarity with Marcel and Bob Young's relationship with the Montreal Alouette brass, it just made perfect sense.

They have an opportunity to build a team from the ground up, it is going to take some time, but lets wait until the games start before we analyse Charlie's hiring ...

  • paul

Sorry Jake. I'm on the other side here. Proven CFL credentials count for a lot right now. Head coaching experience also helps.... as we've found out.

Considering the time frame- this one makes sense to me.

I’m for Chucky too.

What I find troubling is that our crack search team found exactly who we told them they would…Charlie Taaffe.

This only proves that some fans here are clever enough to know
there are only a few proven CFL Head Coach candidates,
a fact which apparently you can't get your head around, JSK.

re- proven CFL Head Coach candidates, OK - pao pao ! :oops:

how in gods green earth he was ever considered proven i'll never figure out...

I think the back-to-back coach of the year awards helped a bit ... Unless you are referring to Paopao, and if you are then I am with you on that one.

I am just glad we didn't hire Dave Ritchie. I am afraid he is going to coach every team in the league at one point or another.

I am delighted over the posibility of picking up a few more wins under Charlie Taaffe's tutelage this season. Right now, it appears to me that the new coaching staff has the ability to be among the best in the CFL. This is not to say that we'll win a lot of games, but I do think we'll see the nucleus of a gopod football team that has the potential to go on to better things.

I also find it a tad "alarming" that we haven't heard much about new player personnel, but we are moving one step at a time, "Out with the old, then in with the new".

I'm guessing that some very good personnel will show up at training camp this year and it wouldn't surprise me at all, if we hear about one or two block buster trades as well.

It's much too early to pre judge any of the team's hirings and/or firings to date. I think that if patience prevails, we'll be pleasantly surprised by the time we play our first game.