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"It seems Charlie Taaffe is willing to re-enlist., a coaching news website, says that Taaffe, twice the CFL's coach of the year, is interested in the head coaching job at Army.

That wouldn't be a stretch for Taaffe, who served as the offensive co-ordinator at Army from 1984 to '86, helping the Cadets post an overall record of 23-13.

Army fired coach Stan Brock recently after posting a 3-9 record, including a season-ending 34-0 loss to Navy.

Army athletic director Kevin Anderson has said hiring a coach with West Point ties would be an ideal situation.

Taaffe also enjoyed much coaching success at The Citadel, a military college in South Carolina. Taaffe spent 10 seasons there and amassed a 55-47-1 record, including six seasons of .500 or better."

 We'll have to see if thats where Charlie lands....good work if he can get it.

They will be getting a great Teacher for young Men.
I will miss Charlie and his wonderful Wife
He may done a so so job in Hamilton But I glad he Tried ..
I wish him the best

All the best to Charlie, much of it was out of his control here in Tigertown.

If taaffe was such a good coach everywhere else why didn't he put more effort into getting the ticats more wins? imo he was the reason Fans stopped going to games, his lack of urgency showed in the teams play! Glad he,s gone. oh he probably will do well in ncaa , what dose that say about ncaa?

Taaffe is as unprofessional as they get. After Hamilton got destroyed by BC at Ivor Wynne, Taaffe basically gave up on the team, telling the media at a news conference that the playoffs were an impossibility, and that he was more concerned that they may not win another game all season. What a leader! Way to inspire your troops! Army could do a lot better than this overpaid clown.

I won't miss Charlie at all, but good luck to him and especially good luck to whoever he "coaches" :smiley:

Hmmmm, he was the greatest thing since sliced bread with all of you when they were trying to get him here as coach. How did he get so stupid so fast?

coming from an argo fan? The team nobody wants to coach. maybe your team should look at hiring him. then again he isnt that stupid. some day you'll find somebody willing to board the good (sinking) ship argonaut.

Argo fan?? Where did you get that? Maybe you have spent too much time by the pool in the hot sun.

Charlie Taaffe should be a politician. Talks up a storm and nothing happens. Good luck down south - it looks like they will be happy with a loosing program.

All you Taaffe Bashers ,
You all have a point when comes to our Record but you didn't see how hard Charlie worked..
I know there where days after a home game he go home at 1 and be back at 6 am to look over Films
I'd See him spend extra time with young Players and he was always around for the Media.
He had a great Work ethic just the team just did not jell under his coaching

There where some days we talked at Practices
He would Tell how sorry he was sorry things where not going better.
You could see it in his eyes He wanted us to win and he want it bad.
No one wants to lose
When Frustration kicks in we all do bad things
Problem with Charlie was he did some things to openly
Charlie Taaffe I have Great Respect for him .
I hope land on his feet with a great job
He is a good teacher and would be a great Collage head coach or OC.
He was just not the right guy for us at this time.
Frankly I don't know if we have right head coach now .
Only time will tell us

I agree with Onknight.

I wish Charlie the best of luck and success. And a Merry Christmas.

And the same to everyone here.

That's the part that bothered me. He talked about discipline, we still didn't see it.

Sorry Tom, I know you like Charlie and I think he's a funny man. He was always pleasant when I spoke to him, but toward the end it really looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here. He couldn't get the job done and I"m glad he's gone. That doesn't mean I bear him any ill will and I'm not bashing. Just stating the facts as I see them. I don't know if MB is the right person for the job, but I'm willing to give him a chance just as I did with Charlie.

We did take 70 less penalties for 700 less yards this past season.

As far as i was concerned I thought this team was VERY disciplined compared to 2007. I actually thought we were making progress in that department when i came to flags.

Lot of flags last year for no yards. Remember we had a lot of young Americans playing special teams in 2007.

You can coach whatever you want but in the end, it’s the players responsibility to take what he learns on the practice field into the game.

I like Charlie but he cooked his own soup. First year he was hired late and he ended up hiring american coordinators with zero cfl experience. He was stuck with a QB who had a busted wing and a popcorn toting QB who played like a chicken s salad.

This year, he was given 2 questionable coordinators and a terrible chicken s salad QB. Should Charlie have played Porter earlier to save his job? When you have a 1/2 million dollar man who was annointed your starting QB.

I think Taffe would work better with veterans like in Montreal. A coach who brings up younger kids is a tough gig no matter who you are. The Cats were paying Taffe to win. I’m sure MB isn’t being paid a heck of a lot to develop our talent.

Once MB rights the ship with the younger talent, he will be replaced by a grizzled veteran coach who knows how to handle a veteran lockerroom,

I guess Taffe isn’t getting the Army job as it was filled by another person.

You're correct, Tiger_Dirt. Here is the link to the Army football website article announcing the hiring of Rich Ellerson as their new head coach. Even he has a CFL connection. Ellerson's bio indicates that he was the defensive line coach for the B.C. Lions in 1984 and 1985 and the defensive coordinator for the Calgary Stampeders in 1986.

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