Charlie Roberts

I don't get it. Why is it not universally understood that Charlie Roberts is the best running back in the league? There's absolutely no one better than him in making something out of nothing. The big crashing backs like Smith and Reynolds are fine and all that, but there's not one of them that can actually light up a backfield like CR. Weird. Every weekend this or that back will have a half-decent game and will then be lauded as the league's best running back on the strength of his performance. Yet Charles Roberts (all 175 lbs of him) continues to be the most electrifying runner in the league. King Charles, we salute you. There is no doubt the # 1 you wear reflects your place among the all-timers.

did you see that game against the Lions where Roberts was stuffed a handful of times at the goal line? Yeah, that doesnt happen to Smith as often. And Smith has a few more yards :smiley: Smith doesnt light up anything so much as he just mows them fools down as he runs over them.

By your arguments about consistancy, Joe Smith can't hold a candle to Charles Roberts.
I might add that Chuckles actually has more combined yards than Mr. Smith.

No argument here and as for short yardage, he has more TD's than the rest of then except for big Joe. Not bad for a little pint.

One of the most memorable plays for me this year was 2 weeks ago when the 'Peg lost to BC. CR was trying to tie the game in the last few seconds, he hit the line, did a spin and dove for the goal line. He lost the ball on a fumble but that is still a move that sticks in my mind like no other. He is a very exciting RB.

...i don't see Charlie dragging himself up off the turf like Smith has been doing lately...Blink (all 165 pounds of him..not 175) is pound for pound the best back in this league...I don't know what this little guy is made of....but he just astounds me when he takes a big hit and just keeps on tickin'...He just surpassed Leo Lewis of the Bombers for yardage gained and is every bit as good as Leo was...and if you'd have had the pleasure of watching Lewis is his day you'd know what i mean...anyway keep on keepin' on Charlie...You are the best...

...and Ian Smart has the most combined yards of anybody in the CFL with 2094 yards. Roberts is 5th with 1578 yards.

Smith has 18 TD's vs Roberts with 15 and a difference of only 189 yards in combined totals.

So, more TD's with fewer yards...Roberts is still the best? He's damn good, no doubt about it, but the best? No.

And how does that relate to Roberts or Smith?

Hard to define "best", depends what features you're talking about or an overall combination of factors. Example, is he a good blocker when needed, pass catcher out of the backfield? Numbers alone in yardage are not the whole story nor do having the quickest moves in the CFL for a rb which I think he has.
He could very well be, though, the most valuable rb to his team in the CFL, again though this is difficult to say.
Have to admit, I love the guy, tough as nails combined with great moves, fun to watch.

It doesn't, as combined yardage by Roberts being more than Smith's doesn't have anything to do with how good Roberts is. It's TD's that count, with yardage being a secondary consideration.

Combined yards has everything to do with who is better. To me, it's the whole package that should be taken into account. Rushing yards, Receiving yards and TD's. Rushing yards, however, has to be the first thing to look at.
You could have a FB with just as many TD's as a guy like Reynolds, but that doesn't make him better.

I would just like to add that every year, for the past 5 years, we have been having the argument, "who is the better back?" and it is always Roberts vs. who ever is playing great that year. One year it was Roberts vs. Reynolds another year it was Roberts vs. Kieth. I take Roberts, not just because I am a Bomber fan :smiley: but because he is consistent. If Smith can be one of the top 2 RB’s for the next 5 years then I will look at giving him the nod. Keep in mind that Charlie has won the rushing title the last 2 years.

Roberts is great no doubt.

But he wasn't the best best last year, and he isn't the best this year either.

And you base your opinion on what?

C'mon, Charlie is the best "All Around Back" in the CFL.

His accomplishments on the field merit that distinction.

TDs are secondary if one considers that any running back in the league could run up TD numbers
with limited yards depending on where they got the ball on the feild.

Joffery Reynolds and Joe Smith.

...Lumsden is coming on strong....IF he was healthy all year...he could've been ranked right up there...BUT ya see ...that's what makes Charlie great...he is a tough little scat-back and stays relatively healthy...and you have to be ,to gain any recognition...Smith is a very good back as well....but he looks like the hits are finally taking its toll and i wouldn't be surprized if he wasn't playing will definitely be a nice run between Blink and Smith going down the stretch...we'll see.... :wink:

Does this mean that DJ Flick is the best reciever in the league, and better than all the Lions recievers???

Yea, I'd rather have Flick over Armstrong, Edwards, Simon, Lewis, Bruce, Cahoon?????

Flick isn't even as good as Dominquez when he's healthy.

Alright this is coming from a die hard rider fan but you can't even deny the fact that Charles Roberts is the best back in the league. I know I am siding with the bombers haha but honeslty how can say Smith is better than Roberts when he has been in the leasgue not even 2 full seasons..come on. Smith didn't even crack 900 yards last year. Roberts had over 1,600 yards and over 2,000 all purpose yards. I know Smith didn't play the whole year but he only missed up til week 6 and he didn play in the opener against the Riders. He didn't miss that much time and Roberts absolutely destroyed him. Come back and talk when Smith leads the league puts together the type of CFL career Charlie has had. This is not even an issue in my full season and people think Smith is better than Roberts..spare me.

I also bet you Lions fans think Simon is better than Stegall since he led the league last year haha. What a joke, I hope your ankles don't break when you have to jump off the Wagon..

At this time I would take Simon over Stegall. But I would still pick Roberts over Smith at this time. If Smith continues to perform then that will change but right now, Roberts is still the better back.