Charlie Montoyo

Any thoughts on his firing today?

i really like him but he fell in love too much with fiddling with the lineup imo. i didn;t like the firing. But his replacement has a ton of experience with the BJ and these players. Charlie looked a little lost lately i thought. Jays look good tonight.
What do you think?

Surprised but shouldn't have been given the recent losing streak. Something had to give. . . too much potential on this team to be struggling.

But yes, 5-0 tonight and looking real good.

Charlie the Cat had 8 lives in the end.
Thought he'd outlast Orlondo & LaPolice though!
Jays have too many sluggers in the lineup - not enough hitters. Look for them to trade Teoscar Hernandez to a team needing a slugger.
The book also out on Vlad, Jr. If opposing pitchers follow the book, Vlad either grounds out, pops out or GIDPs. Surprised he's even hitting .250 with the book out on him.

Couple good pitchers but Kickuchi turned into a fraud, the other Asian fella needed Tommy John surgery. Not enough mid-relief.

Jays will be lucky to catch the final wildcard and get booted early!

I think the GM spelled it out today. Some guys need a hug and some guys need a kick in the ass to get going and they have been under-performing.
I would be surprised if they didn't talk to him about it earlier.

Yes they look good tonight - but every team responds when you fire the coach/manager.

certainly John Schneider is more aggressive running the bases


Make the pitcher nervous, force mistakes....