Charlie kicked!@!!!!!

3 minutes left and down 2 touchdowns....and he kicks.



When was the last time we....

  1. Faked a punt or field goal.
  2. Went deep on second and short.
  3. Tried for points in the waning seconds of the first half instead of kneeling down.

I can't remember any of them....and we are the worst team in the league....we have NOTHING TO LOSE....

Atta Boy Charlie....PROTECT THE CLOSE LOSS....

I hear ya... Charlie should be fired for fumbling that snap causing a touchdown. If not for that, he should be fired for not being able to stop Roberts on second down. Perhaps he should be fired because half of the passes our QB throws gets batted down... he was indeed brutal tonight.

Not 98 % of this game was not Charlie Fault
I agree We should have Went for it on 3rd down.

Charlie has no guts. He completely sucked out on that one. You need two tds with three minutes to go you have to go for it, ridiculous call. protect the close loss, classic tommyboy!'re right...

Charlie and his 5 and 21 record is no more responsible than you or me....heck, the poor guy can do no more than sit and watch and encourage the kids to have fun....

Sorry Charlie. Sorry for thinking there is any influence you, as head coach, can have on the outcome of a professional football game.

Gee whiz, if Mr. Roger's were alive we could just make him coach and all sing and dance our way to our 5th straight last place finish.

Sorry Charlie.
Did you have fun?

those will come up in other posts, this one is about a losing coach showing no guts to go for it and that is why he is a losing coach.

Do you guys actually suggest that a team that has clearly improved, becoming competitive and no longer taking stupid penalties should have their coach fired while 1 game out of a home playoff spot and 2 out of first place?

Do you actually believe that by making this change it will improve our team and help them make a playoff run?

We had to kick because if we didnt convert, the would have had the ball in our end and the game would have been done right there. Good play calling Charlie. Taaffe is a conservative style coach and knows when to take a chance. He is one of the best coaches in the league so get off his back and lets see if any of you's could do better than him!
Charlie, do not listen to these fools. They CLEARLY do not understand football. A team starts the coach they say. THAT IS NOT THE SOLUTION! Time to prepare for labour day so you can put these brainless loudmouthes in their place. Good call Charlie and know that the mature fans in Hamilton support you :slight_smile:

Sounds good to me!

I agreed with the choice to kick.

No big deal at that point. The game was already lost by that point.


He is the best coach in the'm losing contact...sorry...Mrs. Taaffe....can you hear me....Mrs. Taaffe....come in.....come

Coaching had nothing to do with this loss.

The defense was too porous (again)

No pass rush.

Richie made two very costly mistakes.

Richie cannot throw a deep ball if his life depended on it. Did you see that deep "jump ball" to Big Play in the firt half? It must have been under thrown and wide by 20 yards! Horrible!

A team starts the coach they say.
pardon me? starts losing? STARTS LOSING? this was a game the cats should have won and didnt win because they werent prepared and didnt adjust and didnt have the balls to go for it. I dont think the bombers could have played a worse game and the cats managed to do worse but yet we will hear how they were so close etc. Improving, gawd its sickening. The bombers missed fgs, dropped tds, nullified special teams return..etc. You dont get the bombers like that very often and charlie and his crew could not have this team prepared to execute, adjust or use any imagination. They are close to a playoff spot, PUHLEASE.

5-21? Yes!

You dont think a team can score two tds in three minutes? seriously kirk? not by kicking you cant.

Why bother even having a coach if they have no influence.....


Who do you believe would take over and have a better record to finish this season.... please provide names.

Names of coaches who can lose 16 of 21 games......
6 of 8
3 of every 4 this year....

Do you really want a list?


Yes because right now we're in a position that with improvement we can still actually make the playoffs in a brutal East.

Im not asking for Charlie's record... im asking who can you replace him with that would provide an instant turnaround.