Charlie interested in Bellefeuille.

'Although offensive co-ordinator Marcel Bellefeuille
has a year remaining on his contract,

Taaffe said Thursday he could have an interest in him.

But the Ticats require permission from the Alouettes.'

Alouettes may be looking for defence-minded head coach

Herb Zurkowsky, CanWest News Service

Thursday, December 13, 2007

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Zurkowsky thinks the Alouettes have no interest
in promoting anyone from within to Head Coach.

Well, that's one of us. LMAO :wink:

Bellefeuille's stock dropped quite a bit for me in the fallout of the third-down gamble debacles out in the Peg during the East semi. Of course the interior line of the Als is suspect as it is aging and Brady isn't particularly powerful pushing for a first, but certainly something better could have been called in light of this!

Anyway, Marcel does fit with Charlie's notion of ball control and short passing. Whether that is a fit for Printers is a bigger issue. I suspect Williams would adapt easier to that scenario. We shall see how the OC hunt develops.

Oski Wee Wee,

Obie I thought you what you were doing! Go out and get the worst o.c this league has had in the last 5 years! Good move! Go out and get a guy who has destroyed every offence he touches!

I'm sick of this team and their stupid ball control coordinators who don't even try to score points. This team is still a ****** joke! This is a passing league! Enough of these stupid idiots who don't have a clue what they're doing, might as well bring Poapoa back instead because Beauf makes him look like Bill Walsh!

This team's goal is to make the playoffs. The playoffs take place in winter time. To win games in winter time, you need to run a ball control offence.

That's complete bs, you win by scoring more then the other team, and you score by throwing and attacking a defence. And just look Sask, they do nothing but throw the ball. You like ball control go and watch the NFL, but don't watch the 2 top teams because they do nothing but throw and you won't like watching them play, actually you won't like watching any of the top teams because they all throw more than run.

And remember the 96 grey cup? Played in a blizzard yet both teams lit up the score board by doing nothing but passing.

I hope Marcel Desjardins isn't the one deciding if Marcel Bellefeuille talks to the Cats.

Montreal would have been in the Grey Cup if their O-Line didn't s*^k. There was nothing wrong with their O. They even moved the ball with Marcus Brady at QB (which REALLY says something). This guy would make a good OC in Hamilton if he became available (which he probably will, knowing that the Als seem to be self-destructing right now, with Popp angry, Jones defecting, and Wettenhall and Smith seriously considering an unknown NFL assistant coach for HC).