Here's some speculation on my part given the musical chairs thats going on in the CFL coach/GM jobs.
How would you feel if you were Charlie and you have been told " When we hire a new GM, it will be up to him to decide if you go or stay"?
That sure as hell would not make me feel warm all over with regards to the 2008 season.
So what do you think he is doing now? If it was me I would be looking for a job south of the border. Or....I would be talking to Montreal about their vacant head coach job. I'll bet Jim Popp would like to have him back.
Then we have the Hufnagel situation. According to todays Globe and Mail he has not been signed by Calgary yet. How about an Obie/Hufnagel combination here? You can bet all the phone calls are out from the offices on Jarvis Street, trying to line up a new GM. So if Obie wants Hufnagel now would be the time to make a deal.
Thats just one scenario I can see being played out. But regardless....I can't see Charlie hanging around, waiting to let someone else decide his future for him.
Or have I been reading too much John LeCarre for my own good in this post season, what comes next, world of the Tiger-Cats? :?

This is part of the business, if he doesn't like it then he can go work at Tim Hortons. And he sniffed around last year for Montreals job and they told him to get lost so I'm sure they're going to change their minds after the great job he did here.

Taaffe is probably sitting back counting his coins. knowing that he may just get a 2 year payed vacation. as reward for his ncaa experiment in 2007, Turns out his , west coast offence is better in the ncaa than in pro ball, AND he may now realize that CFL teams actually need a secondary!what with the occasional passing the other teams do.---Maybe if they ban him from coming back into Canada, Caretaker wont have to pay him :twisted:

Seeing that he is still the head coach, I am hoping that he is doing what he should be doing at seasons end. He should be talking to players about their performance, accessing players and what the team needs to do in certain positions for next season. Being the person he is, I would bet he is doing just that.

I think Taafe is toast. The reason being, Desjardins got fired because, in Mitchell's words, the team's record was unacceptably poor, and there was no talk of sacrificing 2007 to get better for 2008. The same reasons can be the justification for giving Taafe a golden handshake.

Let's face it. This was not a team that was inspired by the head coach to be driven to win games like they should have been. And Taafe's "it takes time to change the culture of losing on this team" is just as poor an excuse as Marshall's famous "we need time to gell" line. Give me a break.

Honestly, I'd take a no-nonsense coach like Dave Richie or Tom Higgins anyday over Taafe at this point.

You blew it Charlie.

With the record that he just posted, I seriously doubt that many other teams are desperate to sign him away from the Cats. His options are very limited. Maybe he could get a small-time US college gig but not much more.

He should just do what he’s supposed to be doing and hope the incoming GM gives him another year.

An Argo-Cat fan

I agree with Barney. In addition, I hope Charlie does get another year and stays to fulfill it. Those who blamed Marcel for making bad deals got their wish. If they were right and the deals were bad, then it was right to get rid of Marcel, after all as GM it's his job to sign the talent. If he brought in inadequate talent then I don't think we should scrap Charlie because he didn't win with that talent.

Not to say Charlie is perfect, not by any means. There is lots of room for improvement in player development, choice of assistants, game strategy, etc. But it's not clear to me that we would be better off with e.g. Tom Higgins as coach.

It's up to the new GM of course, but I'm fine with keeping Charlie. One thing I liked about our team this year is that(for the most part) they kept trying hard even as the chance of making the playoffs slipped out of reach. That was a very good sign in my view, and I think Charlie and his staff should be given credit for that.

Since Snotball is leaving Hogtown hopefully Charlie will end up there so he can do the same thing for the boatmen that he has done for us....

The options for a 3-15 coach are extremely limited. About as limited as the imagination in our offense (?) this last season. Charlie is lucky he got a three year contract, as that is the only reason he may get to coach the Ticats in 2008. The announcements out of the head office seem to indicate that money (we need an increase to our already high ticket prices) has become the paramount concern for Mr. Young. We gave you 20,000 fans plus per game for four years, Bob, and you've given us a bellyfull. Now we get an American coach who has forgotten anything he ever knew about Canadian football. Remember, the only difference in the two games is one down. Give me a break!

Re Hufnagel, I'm pretty sure that deal is done. There has been reports that there is a part-ownership stake for Hufnagel in the Stamps if he signs. The way things appear to be unraveling in Calgary, Hufnagel might find himself the undisputed football operations guy in Cowtown. That simply wouldn't happen here.

Oski Wee Wee,

We need to get "top down" here guys!

Lets let the bosses make their picks on a new GM, and, in turn, let the GM pick out his head coach, OC, DC and assistants, the way its supposed to be done!

But please don't lets have Shrivers or Barrett here! Its Tillman and Austin that got Regina together this year, in spite of the valid pint that that could have been us...


Well Hamilton likes to fire guys who have coch of the year credentials eg Taffe , Marshall ect .....

The problem in Hamilton is they listen to the damn fans to much . How can a guy win coach of the year in the CFL and then have people on here say he should be fired because he doesnt know what he is doing ??? Do the people who vote on that award have to ask the experts on here first ???

Good observation. It’s fine to have a site like this for fans to vent, but I hope team management doesn’t pay attention to the advice offered.

But please don't lets have Shrivers or Barrett here! Its Tillman and Austin that got Regina together this year, in spite of the valid pint that that could have been us...
GIMME a FR-EAKIN break ... after Sask LOSES today - Tillman and the Tiger Cat CAST OFFS will have got NO FURTHER than the last REGIME did ...


GIMME a FR-EAKIN break … after Sask LOSES today - Tillman and the Tiger Cat CAST OFFS will have got NO FURTHER than the last REGIME did …

Maybe yes maybe no, we will know today. :lol: :lol:


The only thing management should listen to is the cash registers in the ticket office. Thats all that matters when this team is in such sad shape on the field. Not the howls of discontent on this forum. Its the paying fans Scott Mitchell must listen to. If no changes are made before next season we will continue to see 15 thousand people, or fewer in the stands.
Also…if you are trying to justify this past horrible season by saying " but Charlie was Coach of the Year!!!" then I see a logic problem. If he had taken Montreal from being the doormat of the league to the Grey Cup then the justification has some merit. But he did not. So he is in a different situation here. This team has some serious coaching problems, even with a core of very good players. In many games this season we have been out-coached. I would like to see Charlie perform with a seasoned team but thats not what we have right now…and may not have for a while.
Scott Mitchell needs improvement quickly. Not another year with a worse record than the year before.
If he thought Charlie was the man to do that, he never would have put his future in the hands of a new GM.

If he thought Charlie was the man to do that, he never would have put his future in the hands of a new GM.
In a FUNCTIONAL Organization - as the President of Operations - is it EVEN his JOB to "think" about the HC ?



Damn right it is. Or Mitchell will be gone too. The Head Coach is a reflection of the job the GM is doing. Mitchell is making it easier on himself by allowing the new GM to decide on a coach. Smart move in my estimation. That way he can’t be accused of gutting the coaching staff completely.

So what your saying is , because he didnt win 10 games and take us to the East final we have SERIOUS coaching troubles ??

It doesnt matter that he didnt have the QB that he wanted and didnt have CFL quality receivers and a pourus defensive backfield . Any coach in the CFL would of had the same problems Taffe had . He`ll be judged on what he does next season . A new coach for next season would be a disaster for the offence .

Last year in the preseason you guys were all happy that Taffe was hired and then when we dont win he cant coach ? Make UP YOUR BLOODY MIND !!!!!

Habman wrote:" A new coach for next season would be a disaster for the offence."

Thanks for the worthless crystal balling. How do you know this?
Lets deal with reality instead. We all thought a new G-M and HC would have improved this teams situation for 2007. It didn' fact we had a worse record.
And if I remember correctly it was Charlie who was in front of the TV cameras's during training season explaining why Hitchcock and Morrealle had to go. So you can't blame it all on Marcel. I could go on at length about other coaching problems (including questions about your precious offence which you don't want changed) we have all seen this season and better football minds than mine have explained why many times.
So rather than keep YOUR BLOODY HEAD IN THE SAND!!! make an honest appraisal of where we are NOW!!! So it didn't work out. Make the necessary changes. You have the luxury of not losing your job so its easy to defend the status quo.