Charlie Carpenter making the Boys wear "Jewelry" :)

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  • Everything about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, beginning with head coach Mike Kelly - and, no, I'm not talking about his bald head. He has butchered this team in every which way, on and off the field. The measly 10 points his team accumulated in the loss to Saskatchewan will surely make it hard for his players to continue to believe in what he is preaching. Eight turnovers in a game at home is sad.

  • Montreal special teams player Joel Wright jumping up after making a big play and injuring himself. This was almost as ugly as teammate Eric Deslauriers' run to the goal line in which he took a recovered an errant snap and started galloping toward the opposition's end zone, only to take a bad step and fall over the goal line. The weird landing was caused by a torn hamstring that has him sidelined four to six weeks.

  • The skirmish between linebackers Winnipeg's Siddeeq Shabazz and Saskatchewan's Aaron Wagner. There were no flags on the play despite the punches that were clearly thrown. By the way, my nickname for Shabazz is Shazam (that's courtesy of Gomer Pyle - and I bet you thought you'd never see that name in a CFL story).

  • The collision between B.C. returner Ian Smart and teammate Terna Nande, a linebacker. Stopped Smart in his tracks.

- Winnipeg offensive linemen wearing wristbands with the offensive plays written on a card. This is truly a first.

This is just wrong :?

Als fans remember Charlie Carpenter. And not in a good way.

....maybe he figures by wearing the 'jewelry' on the wrist....will lead to the 'jewelry' on the finger... :lol: :lol: ...Please can someone get in contact with Milt and tell him we need someone with some sanity back in this organization.. :lol: :lol: 09 is turning into a major joke... :oops:

The wristbands are to ease the load on Armpunter Bishop. What's next, crayon drawings? A television screen with a bouncing ball over each play signal?

Just a question,whats wrong with the wristbands?

The whiteboards I thought was pretty smart in certain situations,but then i was thinking,the other team could see the #'s as well,what happens if u call the same plays again.

I don't know but teams have been successful for 60 years without them, it just seems to me that would be an extra annoyance and complexity. Kelly on his show suggested that the Oline were giving the running backs the wrong plays in the huddle.... to get help with protection so The linesmen would call for the RB to stay in pass protection and the play called by the bench would have the RB supposed to release in the flats...I'm not making this shiat up

So I'm just picturing the poor linesman looking at his little card and trying to patent some stuff instead of catching his breath and letting the QB LEAD.

But that's just me... and well Perry...

Why would anyone be talking in the huddle other than the QB? What next, the offensive personnel vote on what play to run?