Charleston Hughes: Shut up and play

So Hughes says he doesn't think Kory Sheets "Can take a hit" to which Sheets, with class, replied "If you can catch me, come hit me" First off, what does hughes think Sheets has been doing all season running through lines untouched??? Secondly why is this coming from a guy who didn't register a tackle against us in week2 until the second half??? Shut up and play Charleston

Gonna love to see him eat some crow. The Stamp hot heads in the past have said the same type of stuff against Dressler and Getzlaf. Every time they chirp they end up eating their words.

Charleston Hughes can say whatever he wants I don't care. But I did find it odd that if he's going to criticize Sheets he would say 'he can't take a hit'. I would think that the coaching staff in Cowtown would now have to fine Hughes for missing the film session. If anyone has ever watched Sheets highlight reel this year it's chock full of breaking tackles and second efforts. That one last month where he was caught at the 4 yard line, spun, fell, kept his knee off the turf and lunged in for the score, that was against Calgary, right? :wink:

Nice! That was silky smooth :thup:

He should ask Brandon Smith if Sheets can take a hit or not

:P :P :P :P :P :P

I really thought that Cornish was the only Stamp with a bone to pick but after reading what Hughes had to say about Kory after the game, I guess I was dead wrong about that. Funny that they both single Kory out - not that I imagine he is the least bit moved by either of their comments. Kory does his talking on the field - where it counts.