Charleston Hughes (Ex TiCat?) charged with impaired driving

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Riders’ Charleston Hughes charged with impaired driving

Does the CFL have a clear policy in place about what kind of charges will result in a league-wide ban, or is it arbitrary?

So, did we win the Vernon Adams trade now?? :o

A touch dramatic calling him an ex-ticat…CLICKBAIT :wink:

Was just kidding, hence the 3 winky faces 8)

This is the part where Ambrosie says absolutely nothing

In 24 minutes he will have legal weed in the truck too.

Lock him up. Lock him up

Oh no Teddy! That lock up line only applies to grandmothers running for the highest office in the country to the south. :wink: :wink:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

And a DUI affects his football employment how? Unless there is a league policy in place, IMO, this is a police matter, and a team matter.

Rider fans will not tolerate this type of behaviour.

They want to know who the officer was that charged Hughes and get him removed from the police department. ?

Generally, if you're charged with a criminal offence, you're suspended until the matter clears up, one way or another.

Yup , that officer is obviously a Rider hater . Either that or he is a Bomber fan .:wink:

The Riders should take a knee during "all of us command". 8)

considering one actually played a snap for his team and the other didnt, i would say no

IMO a player needs to have at least practiced with a team to officially have been a member. Hughes was only ever a Ticat on paper, and only for the span of a few hours IIRC.

And sometimes even after the matter is cleared up or you aren’t charged with a criminal offence at all youre at the mercy of the morality police.

you call

Actually, it is a lot more serious than simple morality

Football players are people too, and get into trouble from time to time like the rest of us.
They should not be given a pass, but should also not lose their employment as a football player.

I’m actually surprised that more players dont get into trouble…or is some stuff buried under the carpet and no one ever hears about it.

Given the province where this happened and the fact that there's a #HumboldtStrong logo on the field, you would think they may be a little more proactive considering a charge has been laid (not just an accusation.)