Charleston Hughes charged with impared driving

Well when it rains, it pours. Not good to happen at all but the timing is really not good.

It kind of irks me that this becomes news, but I get he’s a public figure etc etc, and its a good opportunity for people with nothing better to do but “stand on their pedestal” and kick him. He’s been “charged”, not found “guilty”, and from what I read, he was not driving the vehicle, rather “sleeping it off” inside the vehicle. Yes I know this constitutes care and control, but I think that’s BS. The comparisons I have read talking about precedent (Cox, Messam, blah blah blah) are way over the top IMHO, and reek of sensationalism. Just my 2 cents.

Police say officers were called to Ring Road north near Albert Street around 2 a.m. last Thursday for reports of an erratic driver. When they arrived, officers found a truck stopped and running on the side of Ring Road.
The driver, Hughes, was unresponsive and police say he came to when they approached the truck. Officers suspected Hughes was impaired and they asked him to step out of the vehicle.
Hughes, 34, was arrested and charged with impaired driving and failure to take a breath test.Roughrider Charleston Hughes charged with impaired driving | CTV News

I have little doubt he was drunk after reading this and sure it can be said the only reason this is being reported is because he is a Rider but still you can't over look the facts that this is not good and he is lucky that neither himself or anyone else got injured or worse killed. It has little to do with standing on a pedestal and preaching but more about how stupid it was for him to do. living in a city with other means of transportation and yet still choosing to get behind the wheel was just dumb no matter how you look at it.

I'm not saying Hughes should be let go or anything close to that but he made a mistake and Im sure he realizes it and will have to make amends.

He’s a human who makes mistakes just like the rest of us. He seemed pretty remorseful in today’s interview. He will learn from it and move on

DUI is not a mistake. It is an act of ignorance to say the least.

guess I get the last word :slight_smile:

IMO there is way too much demand for athletes to be social role models. I don’t like that he was drinking and driving…I would never say or feel that about anyone. His job isn’t related to driving…pay the consequences of the stupidity and move on. Lots of people make the dumb decision to do this and don’t have their lives toppled…learn the hard lesson, move on, be a voice against it in the future

it is not a demand to be role models. It is a fact that many of them simply are to young kids who follow the sport. The demand is that they be GOOD role models and that for many is a prerequisite for being a successful and acceptable pro athlete.

meh....if you are looking to pro athletes to be role models in any fashion for your kids you have already failed in that regard. You can't stop it....but you can most definitely steer it. Hughes is a good guy who made a stupid happens. Everyone knows people it has happened to. Not trying to downplay it...but it is reality. I am confident he will come out of this as a strong voice moving forward.....great.

Team has suspended him. I don’t fully agree with it, but there is obvious argument for it…so I respect that and appreciate that they took a couple of days to make a decision.

This whole situation sucks. To maintain the long term integrity of the Rider Organization and the Code of Conduct - I understand why Hughes is sitting.


Bad timing for something like this to happen.

Go Riders.

Hopefully he’s in the line up for the playoffs. First time offense (assuming it is) would be a fine, loss of license and probably one of those breathalizers in your vehicle to make it start. Not supporting DUIs but would be a bit excessive to cut him over this

Unlikely on the bolded

The biggest concern is dealing with entering the country....but this really shouldn't be an issue. US to Canada is easy to circumnavigate....other way around, not so much (but he is American, so not an issue). I really can't see a player being released from this....especially one who has really had no other issues over a long career and is a community driven example for most.

I can't see him being cut either. He made a mistake and he sat a game so it should satisfy SGI, MADD etc that he was punished. Now they may not think it is enough but considering the initial statement by Jones that he would play Saturday having him sit should be enough. The rest should be dealt with in court. The riders disciplined him so the league didn't have to step in. That should be that.

the only people who should lose a job to DUI are the people who drive for a living…the rest of us have to suffer legal and socialconsequences, and that is not an easy road to take in life …but not have to worry about being fired. Yea it was very dumbass move on his part and most likelysomething he has been doing for many years before he got caught…the next big question is…where were his so-calledfriends that allowed to get behind the wheel of a car in that condition…the people who stand by and allow a drunk to drive are big problem here too…yes it would be pretty hard to try and take away the keys form a guy like this wouldn’t it…

DUI has a lot more to do with jobs than “driving”. DUI and refusing to provide a breath sample are both criminal code of Canada violations and give you a criminal record if convicted. Even if provided with a conditional discharge it can keep you out of all sorts of jobs requiring background checks, security clearances, and most significantly for CFL internationals - stop you from crossing the border without some advance legal work.

The DUI was dumb - refusing the breath sample was really the aggravating factor (and which he has implicitly admitted) that lead to his suspension. His public remarks will be used in court against him as evidence even if they express remorse (the latter may help in the sentencing side).