Charleston Hughes charged with impaired driving

Riders’ Charleston Hughes charged with impaired driving

Very disappointing! He should know better.

I guess his season is done…the Riders too…

After that 31-0 Smackdown at the hands of the Bombers I’m surprised that the entire team wasn’t arrested and charged for PWI (playing while intoxicated) let alone DWI . :o

EVERY PERSON WHO DRIVES A VEHICLE should know better, yet it still happens.
THAT is the truly disappointing thing.

…why would his season be done? he was charged before the Winnipeg game and yet played…it’s unfortunate indeed but probably not serious enough to warrant a suspension…look at the Duron Carter pot incident earlier in the year as an example of how the rider org probably handles it…

Why on earth should a football player be forbidden to play because of a DUI charge.
His job doesn’t demand he drive. No one was hurt.
If guilty he will be appropriately punished.
Some should get off their high horse.

It seems his teams offence doesn't either.

And he should not have played. DUI is an incredibly serious charge, and some people making light of it say the least.

It's extremely reckless behaviour that has too often resulted other people's deaths. At minimum he needs to be suspended until the criminal proceedings have concluded one way or another...

...and don't make me trot out pictures of dead children...

I have no sympathy for this guy. He should have the book thrown at him by both the law and the league. I have a real hate on for people who drink and drive. Specially when it is not just a case of being over the legal limit by .01. From the sound of it, he as very impaired.

Re: bolded sentences above.

  1. Yes, of course.

  2. Is that what would happen to you at your workplace if you were charged with DUI?

…who’s making light of it? I totally agree it was reckless and he should be humbled to that nothing bad resulted to someone else from his poor decision. He was caught and charged and went to work the next day like probably hundreds of other guys did that were caught and charged that night I would guess.

…and he didn’t kill anyone, so why would you treat him like he did? Or perhaps more applicably why would you expect the riders to?

how about because he could have and it is not to his credit that he did not.

…doesn’t stand up in a court of law…you can’t charge someone with murder if they haven’t murdered someone duh…attempted murder, well that’s a different story…

we get traffic tickets all the time. well some do.

why? because doing what we do to get the tickets could increase risk of harm to others.

it is not a case of no harm no fowl.

…you can’t charge someone with murder if they haven’t murdered someone, not sure why that’s hard to understand, regardless of your weak traffic ticket analogy…

…and it’s not no harm no foul, he’s getting charged with dui, he didn’t walk away from it, where did you get that?

I am saying that with some exception, DUI is more serious and dangerous than speeding. Both should be at least fined and more depending on seriousness. As indicated before, the circumstances of being passed out on the side of the road with the motor running after have been seen driving erratically, is worse than being .01 over the legal limit. It is like speeding 200k in a 60k zone. Both deserve more than a little slap on the wrist.

…sorry I changed that part after you captured the quote, but that’s okay, it still stands…where are you getting he’s being slapped on the wrist? He’s been charged, not prosecuted yet, no punishment has been handed down yet…

well, I am addressing your point about him not killing anybody. I think he should be treated as if he did. At least as if he committed negligent homicide, or something to that effect.

Something along the line of taking part in an armed robbery and being charged with murder even if it was only an accomplice that fired and killed.

What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty?